Russian Investigation Landing Very Close To Trump; Jared Kushner Now ‘Person Of Interest’

While Donald Trump is on a whirlwind world tour, the Russian investigation is beginning to land uncomfortably close to home for Trump. A member of his own family, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, is now reportedly a “person of interest.”

The Washington Post said a senior adviser to Mr Trump was among people investigators wanted to speak to. A New York magazine reporter then said the person in question was Mr Kushner, 36, who is married to Mr Trump’s eldest daughter and who flew out of Washington on Friday night to accompany the President on his first official foreign trip.

The Post said the person under investigation was close to the President, but did not identify them. However, the number of people who fit such a profile would be very small.

Source: Independent

Does this mean that an arrest of Kushner is imminent? No. While things have begun escalating rather quickly, The Washington Post reports that criminal charges are likely not near.

Right now, all of this is speculative, but when you connect the dots, they connect right to Kushner. It could be that people behind the investigation believe that Kushner is vulnerable and likely to talk. We already know that he made a lie of omission on his security clearance application and “forgot” to mention a meeting with Russians. This makes him a fairly easy target in the investigation and as one of the few people to have the ear of Trump, he likely knows a lot about all of the Russian ties. He knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak.

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