Rush Limbaugh’s Nutty Theory About San Bernardino Shooting Will Have You Shaking Your Head

There are all sorts of speculations going on about the shooters in San Bernardino, in part because they were Muslim, but people think Sayed Farook’s wife pushed him into radicalism. There are things that aren’t adding up for investigators, but the right-wing pundits have it all figured out already. One such pundit, Rush Limbaugh, thinks the fake “War on Christmas” actually caused the shooting.

How, you ask? On his radio show, he said that he knew some would say that Farook was forced into this because he was very outraged over something at work. Then he spouted off with this insanity:

I said, well, he had to attend a Christmas party … I mean the media and the Democrat party has led the effort to get Christmas cancelled, to get Christmas public eliminated, any public display, prayer, no prayer in public, no prayer before high school ceremonies or football games, basketball games, whatever.

So it was easy to predict yesterday that at this holiday party, Christmas party that an Islamic individual, a Muslim could really feel marginalized and put upon … And it appears be enough to send him over the edge. And the media would say it’s understandable how public displays of Christmas could be seen as offensive and make him feel unsafe and threatened. And then force him to go home and grab one of those twelve pipe bombs and AK-47s and come back with the wife who radicalized him and start shooting up the place.

The right has manufactured the War on Christmas as part of their evidence that there’s a larger War on Christianity going on here. What Limbaugh is saying, more or less, is that the War on Christmas feeds the marginalization that he thinks Farook was feeling, turning it into an uncontrollable rage and leading to gruesome violence.

The War on Christmas is responsible for Starbucks’ plain red cups, despite the fact that Starbucks’ holiday cups never had religious symbols on them. It’s responsible for the phrase “Happy Holidays” appearing in place of “Merry Christmas” (this is something Donald Trump says will stop if he’s elected president. We have to wonder just how he plans to do that without violating the 1st Amendment).

It’s responsible for banning Christmasy things that haven’t actually been banned, like singing Christmas carols, having nativity displays on church property, and the like. In short, it’s responsible for everything bad that happens at this time of year. Now, it’s responsible for the San Bernardino shooting.

The War on Christmas is, to the minds of people like Limbaugh, the worst kind of political correctness imaginable. It gives takes Christians’ voices away and gives them to marginalized groups that have no right to feel marginalized (because hey, they’re allowed here, right? That ought to be enough for them). Once these groups have a voice, they feel empowered, and some feel empowered enough to stop displays of Christianity by any means necessary. Thus, Farook decided to shoot up his place of work because he was angry they were celebrating Christmas, and the War on Christmas made him feel like it was okay to shoot the place up in retribution for forcing Christianity on him.

Or that’s what Limbaugh seems to be saying, anyway. It’s a wild leap to make, even for him, and it makes him sound more like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones than anything. Of course, Rush Limbaugh hasn’t been sane for awhile.


Featured image by Donkey Hotey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

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