Rush Limbaugh Thinks The GOP Is More Diverse – And He Couldn’t Be More Wrong

On Monday, May 4 Rush Limbaugh was in great spirits. He thought he finally had the ultimate “gotcha” for his liberal foes. Rush heard that the GOP was going to have both a woman AND an African-American candidate for the GOP nomination. This on top of two Hispanics and a white guy that speaks Spanish.

Boy oh boy. . . Diversity!!!

Yes, the GOP would have a new battle cry and Rush would lead the “diverse” charge. Forget that the Republican party is made up of 90 percent non-Hispanic whites. Forget that every picture of a GOP rally, speech, or convention is made up of white people in the background, and therefore need to go get stock photos out of virtual bins to manufacture it in the rank and file.

They are diverse, by golly. . . can’t you see the skin colors?

By the way, this is exactly how Rush celebrated his new-found best friend, namely “diversity.”


So the Republicans running for president now include a woman, Carly Fiorina. I tell you what, too, Carly Fiorina is rocking. She has undergone a change like I can’t believe.  Back in 2008, it might have been 2012, I forget which, she was with McCain along with Meg Whitman in 2008. Then in 2012 she kind of went solo. My memory, anyway, is that she was a McCain establishment type Republican.

Carly Fiorina now has crossed over and there’s nothing establishment centrist about her, particularly in the way she is describing Hillary and liberalism in general. It’s quite refreshing actually. So we have a woman.  Dr. Benjamin Carson announced today, who, by the way, worked in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. He’s from Detroit. He’s African-American. And we have two Latinos in the Republican roster.

I guess we could start calling ourselves the Rainbow Party. We’ve got Rubio and Cruz. We’ve got a woman. We have an African-American. We have two Latinos. And it doesn’t count, it doesn’t matter, it may as well not be the case because none of that matters to the Drive-By Media. I mean, folks, if they were consistent, we would all have to now vote for Ben Carson. He’s black, he has worked and lived in Baltimore. Voting for anybody else would be racist, at least according to the media and the rest of the Democrat Party.

Before we get back to why Rush is wrong, I just gotta point out one little trick Rush played up there in his dialogue. And, it doesn’t have anything to do with diversity but rather the tension between the “establishment” GOP (the still sane part, in most people’s view) and the radical-right-wing-tea people in the party. Of course Rush sides with the tea people. Rush loves Carly Fiorina but, he knows he can’t sell her as the legacy of the now defrocked Michelle Bachmann or more accurately Sarah Palin. He throws in a “Meg Whitman” as a Sarah substitute because Meg is an “acceptable” woman in the radical right-wing mind. They don’t really like Meg, but she’s good enough to use as ammunition against those awful liberals. So he sells her as a conservative, but one who was “part of the McCain crowd.” That is Rush code for “moderate” and now she has “crossed over.” He totally neglects any mention of Sarah who actually endorsed Fiorina in 2010.

The farce and willful ignorance make her palatable as a “convert” to conservatism without all the messy Palin and Bachmann baggage along with any other past tea party errors they would like to sweep under the rug.

But in 2010, when Fiorina ran, the tea people had her back. And she had theirs. Remember 2010? That was when the Tea Party really came to life, the midterm elections. And, Fiorina was one of their people. She was gonna make California ruby-red and all of that.

I just wanted to point how Rush is a very subtle manipulator and one must pay attention in order to beat him at his game. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

There’s a popular meme that floats around. It’s the main character from the Princess Bride and the quote “You keep using that word yet I do not think you know what it means” or some variation of that. Well, the meme is very appropriate for Rush, and the rest of the GOP that think that they have actually surpassed the Democratic party in terms of being more “diverse.”

Here’s Why;

  1. Yes, the GOP has some racially diverse candidates. Yet on policy, especially major policy there isn’t much diversity at all as they all cling to a very right-wing ideology.
  2. The Democratic party by a country mile is more diverse in its membership. All day long, every day, and twice on Sundays. And the trend lines are going in almost opposite directions. While the GOP fails to get more diverse in its membership, the Democratic party, since the 60s, has seen continuous growth in the area. Meanwhile the GOP touts an ever-aging Caucasian base.
  3. I guess the GOP didn’t notice, but we already elected a minority President. The Democrats also nominated a woman for VP back in 1984. They have had minority candidates in every non-incumbent Presidential primary election since 1988. So essentially the Republican party isn’t ahead of the Democratic party by this measure, it is about 27 years behind.
  4. And, let’s be serious. Carly, Ben, and Teddy don’t have a chance. They are at lest token candidates that will be well out of the race by Super Tuesday. Marco Rubio is said to have a legitimate shot at the VP nomination, so I can give them that. That makes the score about 100-1 on this measure.
  5. Oh yeah, one more thing. . . Not only is the first candidate to declare this year a woman, she wins every poll out there by leaps and bounds over any other competition. The GOP minority candidates usually only garner a few points and battle with “margin of error” and “none of the above” for votes.

Furthermore, the Democratic base has been clamoring for another woman to enter the race. Because to them, they want the right candidate, not just some token superficial appearance while business remains as usual behind the scenes candidate. That’s actual diversity and the Democratic party doesn’t have to try to be diverse, because it already is. The GOP is only playing catch up and still has a couple of decades and change to go.

They simply either don’t get it, or more likely this is the only way to sell something that might make them look like anything other than a bunch of old white people, which they are.

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