Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Will Win Because We ‘Can’t Hit A Girl’ (AUDIO)

Other than the fact that Rush Limbaugh is the most over-played radio personality on the air, it’s hard to imagine why four women would have agreed to marry him. His lack of respect toward women is legendary and most public when he called feminist activist, Sandra Fluke, a “slut” for wanting her insurance to cover birth control.

He went on the attack toward women again on Monday when he lamented that the media and Republicans are going too easy on Hillary because they “can’t hit a girl.”

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Here’s the transcript via Media Matters:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: So the Republicans will praise [Hillary Clinton] for her cervix– Democrats will praise her for her cervix, and Republicans will ask innocuous questions in order to not be blamed for beating up on her. See, that’s the main reason Republicans don’t do anything. It’s because they don’t want the Democrats and the media accusing them of hitting the girl. I don’t care how much feminism advances, not a thing is going to change in that regard. You’re never gonna be able to, figuratively, hit the girl. In other words, the girl is never going to be able to be treated just like a guy. You can hit the guy. You can hit the guy. You can say, “you know, that guy hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years. And that guy, when he was president of the company, and an employee’s wife died, that guy didn’t care. That guy, he put his dog on the roof of the family station wagon for a vaca–.” Can’t say that about Hillary. Can’t say that about the girl. The Republicans, even if we had advanced to this mythical place of total equality, the Republicans still wouldn’t go after Hillary for fear– out of fear of what the Democrats on the committee will say about them and what the media will say. They’ll be afraid of igniting the war on women meme. They will be afraid of angering the independents.

Aaaaand, here’s the despicable audio:

If the irony of that doesn’t slap you right across the face (no pun intended), you haven’t been reading the news for the last several years. If Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi (the longest and most politicized investigation in U.S. history) and the email investigations are Republicans being afraid to “hit a girl,” it’s difficult to imagine what he might have in mind as far as “hitting.” Really, all that’s left is getting physical, and no, that would not be acceptable, regardless of how much Limbaugh might fantasize about it.

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