Rush Limbaugh Has An On-Air Tantrum About Conservative Leaders Who Agree With President Obama (AUDIO)

Poor Rush Limbaugh. He has gone from conservative kingmaker to insignificant radio loudmouth in the space of just a few years. And he’s not taking it well.

On the September 24 Rush Limbaugh Show, El Rushbo whined that President Obama has been able to influence a number of conservative leaders, and bring them to his side. The toxic gasbag named the conservatives he thinks have fallen under the spell of the Great Satan Obama:

In the last seven years Barack Obama has successfully recruited, or corrupted, or hijacked — however you want to describe it — John Roberts of the Supreme Court; John Boehner, Speaker of the House; Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the Senate; and, some might even say, the pope.

It’s obvious how Limbaugh thinks the president has “recruited” Chief Justice Roberts. The Supreme Court gave its final stamp of approval to Obamacare. Then there’s Pope Francis. He agrees with the president, and most other humans with functioning brains, that we have to address environmental issues such as climate change, not to mention doing things that Jesus would approve of, like helping the poor. But how Limbaugh thinks President Obama has influenced the Republican leaders of congress, who have used their power to obstruct his programs every step of the way, he doesn’t say.

After ticking off the names of those he thinks have been soiled by actually being reasonable and siding with the president, Limbaugh reveals what his real issue is: they’re making it tough for him to tell them, and everybody else, how evil, sinister, radical, and un-American Barack Obama truly is.

Limbaugh laments that the actions of these leaders have made his job tougher. He says, “Do you realize how impossible it will be to portray Obama as he is? An extreme radical?”

If you leave that alternate universe that Rush Limbaugh and the unhinged right occupy, it’s easy to see why it’s hard to portray President Obama as “an extreme radical.” It’s because he isn’t one.

Poor Rush. The size of his influence no longer matches the size of his mouth, and he’s just not taking it very well.

Here are Limbaugh’s remarks, via Media Matters:

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