Rush Limbaugh Decodes Palin’s Endorsement Of Trump And Accidentally Makes It Sound Worse

Back in the 90’s there were not many as incomprehensibly hate filled as Rush Limbaugh. His power was at its greatest when there were very little facts and great amounts of spin, but the Conservatives still expected him to speak English, and to at least sound intelligent — even if nothing that he said had any real meaning. Not like the current Conservative talking head queen, Sarah Palin, who makes so little sense that Limbaugh’s recent defense of her Trump endorsement actually focused on hating Obama and Liberals instead of her content.

I read the transcript for her speech that she made, and it’s actually — the speech that Palin made yesterday for Trump, I saw people pan it, say she looked like she lost her place, she was reading cue cards, she didn’t seem to be all there.  I didn’t see it, but I read the transcript of her speech, and I’m telling you it is — well, I don’t want to overdo it and say brilliant, but I’ll tell you, she’s got substantive, logical reasons for doing what she’s doing.

It seems that Palin’s fever-dream style speech is logical to Limbaugh because the Right Wing is not actually motivated by their own principals or goals, because it isn’t party lines or even conservatism that motivates conservatives. He explained the negative “hayseed,” unintelligent view that most of the country has of conservatives as something that conservatives are embarrassed by, and intimated that Trump and Palin’s “outsider” status was what they really bring to the table.

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I think the best way to explain it is that there are a lot of people in this country who are conservative.  There are a lot of those people that won’t admit it, for whatever reason, don’t want anybody to know it, for whatever reason or another, and therefore they live and vote and do things for the most part which are conservative, certainly not liberal.  But that’s not the glue that unites them all.  If it were, if conservatism — this is the big shock — if conservatism were the glue, the belief and understanding of deep but commonly understood conservative principles, if that’s what defined people as conservative and was the glue that made the conservative movement a big movement, then Trump would have no chance.

He literally would have no chance.  Because, whatever he is he’s not and never has been known as a doctrinaire conservative.

What then is Limbaugh getting at, what is the reason that Sarah Palin, who’s speech was so bad that the biggest praise that he gave her was “she’s not wrong, she’s more right about that even she may know,” could still motivate these “outsider conservatives” that are ashamed to admit their political affiliation?

But neither is John McCain.  Neither is 90% of the Republican Party, so it’s not a criticism.  It’s not an allegation.  The point is that if conservatism were this widely understood, deeply held belief system that united conservatives and united people as conservatives, then outsiders like Trump wouldn’t stand a prayer of getting support from people.  Yet he is.  Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that there are other things at play here that make people conservative.  And look, I’m gonna go back to it.

The thing that’s in front of everybody’s face and it’s apparently so hard to believe, it’s this united, virulent opposition to the left and the Democrat Party and Barack Obama.  

So, the reason that Palin can pull her speeches directly from her tea leaves — without any need for coherence or logic — is that the entire party is so deeply ingrained with hatred of the scary black man and anything Left Wing that they only need to hear buzzwords strung together to jump on the bandwagon of the nearest fascist.

We already knew it, but having Rush Limbaugh try to decode Sarah Palin and make her verbal effusions appear to be somehow less unintelligent (and less embarrassing to Trump’s campaign) — while admitting the real reason that she is so popular — is pretty much the icing on the cake.


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