Conservative Pundit: Bible Says 94 Million Unemployed Citizens Don’t Deserve To Eat (IMAGES)

The big-hearted, loving, kind and Christian Rush Limbaugh (note the sarcasm here) opened his mouth and used it to prove once and for all that the teachings of Jesus are as foreign to him as diet ice cream.  In a recent radio broadcast Limbaugh queried, “Who said it first: whoever will not work, should not eat?”

Rush eagerly and pointlessly latches on to the part of the bible that contradicts the part of the bible that tells Christians to love their neighbors as themselves. I understand why Christian Conservatives are lost when it comes to morality; the Bible seems to be a bit lost itself. Jesus was a “commie socialist,” compared to the Apostle Paul who wrote the passage above. Rush goes on to point out that in the version of the bible he is reading, it uses the word should, as if we must assure that they don’t eat.

This graph from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows how he got his raw numbers:

rush limbaugh

Screen capture from The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Sorry, but your lack of morals doesn’t mean I have to become a heartless, brainless conservative like you, Rush. His first talking point is as follows:

Here in the United States we have 94 million not working: and they are all eating!

Well Lord knows we can’t have people experiencing the luxury of eating just because they are human.

The chart does show that about 94 million people are not in the workforce, and as Rush Limbaugh points out, we are still feeding these free loaders! (Except the ones who are starving or dying of malnutrition.)

Here are five reasons Rush’s numbers are completely wrong:

1. Look at the highlighted line: the numbers are recorded from 16 years of age to infinity?

  • 16 – 18 year-olds should NOT be counted as being out of work, that is ridiculous, 74.3 million Americans are under 18.
  • Also 13 million are full time college students under 25, and should also not be on this list.
  •  14.5 percent of our population is already over 65, roughly 45 million.
  • Also, about 1 in 5 Americans will be over 65 years of age in 2030, only 15 years from now. If we don’t expand medicare now our elderly citizens are going to face some troubling choices – not enough food, not enough money, and not enough healthcare will make being an elder in america kind of like living during The Great Depression.

2. In 2010 the US Census revealed that our labor force is reducing to numbers not seen in modern times. At this point if you subtract the people that shouldn’t be in that number, we have an unemployment rate of about 5% (Thanks, Obama!) – and that isn’t a bad number in a world where 20% isn’t odd, just ask Greece.

3. There are over 10 million mentally ill adults in the United States alone. With up to 40% of the seriously mentally ill, such as schizophrenics, not receiving any treatment or help. If they are not living in an institution, those adults are in this number too.

4. Disabled Veterans are also in that number. My husband is one of them, so f*ck you Rush for saying feeding him is bad for the country:

In 2013, there were 19,344,883 civilian veterans ages 18 years and over living in the community, 5,522,589 of which were individuals with disabilities—a prevalence rate of 28.5 percent.

5. As many as 3.9 million babies are born a year in the USA. That means that at any given point roughly 7.8 million parents should be on maternity leave, and not part of the workforce, for some part of the year. However, heaven forbid we feed them because they could become takers and entitlement users!

Just for a quick reference card I have included this great meme by The Nawty Troll:


Some more information for you, courtesy of The Nawty Troll.

If you think that the elderly, teenagers, the disabled, the war veterans, the mentally ill, and the parents of infants should be in the “work force” and counted in this stupidly vague statistic you are wrong. If you think feeding them is bad for the country, you are a douchebag.

Rush Limbaugh is using conservative talking points that make sense only as long as you squint your eyes and turn your head sideways. He is using them to whip low information Tea Party and ultra conservative republicans into a frenzy over feeding ‘lazy assholes’ that refuse to work, like their grandma and their kids.

Are you surprised? I am not; we live in a country that measures teen unemployment rates, and that is sad, because teens and young adults should not have to work – they should be getting an education. Maybe we could keep up with the rest of the developed world’s labor forces if we realized this simple fact.

You can’t tell me that he is confused, or that he actually believes this. I think he is well paid to regurgitate it, or was; how many stations have dropped your fearful hate-mongering drivel, Rush?

Predictably Rush begins to lose cohesiveness in his commentary while whining that people don’t understand him.

No, really. He complains that we don’t understand that he isn’t saying they should starve, we just shouldn’t be feeding them, and he gets “snarky emails” about it. Snarky emails aside, Rush is clearly saying that feeding those that fall on hard times, or are not even out of school yet, are elderly, mentally ill or veterans is bad for the country.

No, sir, it is not, and you are quickly fading into obscurity, as you should be.

Featured Image Courtesy of Huntress Uncommon Sense

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