Rudy Giuliani Says Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage Because He Read It On The Internet (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani went full stupid on Fox News during a Sunday discussion of Hillary Clinton. While slamming the media for being mean to Trump, the former mayor of New York said one of the examples of liberal bias was that no credible news source was helping him promote the conspiracy that Hillary Clinton has brain damage.

[The media] fails to point out several signs of illness by her!

The unhinged accusation – and lawsuit waiting to happen – was too rich even for Fox’s blood. The interviewer asked Giuliani to back up his smears with facts. Giuliani’s response speaks volumes about just how monumentally idiotic Trump’s campaign has gotten.

“Go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness.’ Take a look at the videos for yourself.”

Giuliani, who once wanted to be President of the United States, fails Internet 101: Don’t believe everything you read online. That goes double if you are getting your news from right-wing cesspools like Info Wars, Drudge Report, and Breitbart.

However, if Giuliani wanted to dig a little deeper, he would find that alongside Alex Jones conspiracy videos there are a metric ton of articles debunking this nonsense. Vox’s Tara Golshan’s, for instance, breaks down the “bonkers conspiracy theory” in words even a Trump supporter might understand.

Various conservative bloggers and posters on Reddit have pointed to of Clinton being helped up the stairs (as Snopes pointed out, this is a single old photo and there are plenty of pictures of her climbing stairs just fine). They’ve alleged without evidence that Clinton’s heart is too weak to manage the strain. On Fox News, Sean Hannity showed a photo of Clinton making a face and suggested that she’s having a seizure.

Conservative sites have likewise fixated on a photo of Clinton that appears to show a square lump under her jacket, with some bloggers suggesting that it’s a defibrillator. (In all likelihood, it was a transmitter pack from the wireless microphone she was using, given that there are pictures of Clinton at the same event in which she is no longer holding the microphone and the square lump is no longer there.) Some have also touted fake medical records floating around the internet purporting to show that Clinton suffered a seizure.

Giuliani was a deeply unpopular mayor in New York before 9/11 gave him a resurgence as the city and the country came together in a brief moment of unity. Unfortunately, Giuliani’s awful inner nature couldn’t allow him to ride triumphantly into the sunset.

Particularly in the last few years, he has become consumed by anti-Obama racism and now anti-Clinton hysteria. Latching onto Trump’s coattails has only exacerbated the problem. Now, rather than be remembered as the mayor who got New York City through the worst terror attack in United States history, he will be remembered as the guy who screamed about brain tumors and pillows because he read it on Info Wars. That’s not merely torching your legacy, that’s going scorched earth on it.

Featured image via Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

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