Rudy Giuliani Fixed Trump’s Ties To The Mob

While Matt Lauer and the corporate media devote hours of airtime to Hillary’s emails, Trump continues to show his level of corruption is not even in the same galaxy as hers.

If they gave out Nobel prizes for corruption, mobbed up real estate would be a category all its own. And that’s precisely what Donald Trump had his hand in back in the late 1980s.

The New York Daily News released a full report that shows Trump’s close ties with Greenberg Traurig, Rudy Giuliani’s current employer, and also the Jack Abramoff-connected law firm with close ties to the deeply shady Republican establishment. But it’s Rudy Giuliani’s lending a big hand in Trump’s mob connection that really stands out.

Via the Daily News:

Rudy and Donald first got together in the late 1980s shortly before Donald became a co-chair of Giuliani’s first fundraiser for his 1989 mayoral campaign, sitting on the Waldorf dais and steering $41,000 to the campaign. A year earlier, Tony Lombardi, the federal agent closest to then-U.S. Attorney Giuliani, opened a probe of Trump’s role in the suspect sale of two Trump Tower apartments to Robert Hopkins, the mob-connected head of the city’s largest gambling ring.

Trump attended the closing himself and Hopkins arrived with a briefcase loaded with up to $200,000 in cash, a deposit the soon-to-felon counted at the table. Despite Hopkins’ wholesale lack of verifiable income or assets, he got a loan from a Jersey bank that did business with Trump’s casino. A Trump limo delivered the cash to the bank.

The government subsequently nailed Hopkins’ mortgage broker, Frank LaMagra, on an unrelated charge and he offered to give up Donald, claiming Trump “participated” in the money-laundering — and volunteering to wear a wire on him.

Instead, Lombardi, who discussed the case with Giuliani personally (and with me for a 1993 Village Voice piece called “The Case of the Missing Case”), went straight to Donald for two hour-long interviews with him. Within weeks of the interviews, Donald announced he’d raise $2 million in a half hour if Rudy ran for mayor. Lamagra got no deal and was convicted, as was his mob associate, Louis (Louie HaHa) Attanasio, who was later also nailed for seven underworld murders. Hopkins was convicted of running his gambling operation partly out of the Trump Tower apartment, where he was arrested.

This on the heels of Trump being busted for handing over what amounts to a bribe to the Florida Attorney General in exchange for her dropping an investigation into his fraudulent Trump University dealings.

Can you imagine what Trump’s Justice Department will look like should he convince enough miserably uninformed goobers to vote against their economic self-interest? It will be Giuliani and Christie pursuing petty vendettas and real estate scores, and run by a man who has no ethical compass at all.

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