Rubio’s Presidential Campaign Bombed So Hard That He’s Quitting His Job In The Senate Too

You know when a politician knows they have hit rock bottom, like John Boehner and Richard Nixon, they don’t just lick their wounds and start over again, they quit their job to sit back and bitch about other people doing it wrong.

Marco Rubio, it seems, has finally woken up after weeks of what appeared to be him thinking that he was winning the GOP race while he was really losing epically. He is not only quitting his run — and leaving his job at the end of his term without seeking re-election — he’s giving up on politics entirely.

Now that is a lot of hurt feels. In a seven-minute press briefing outside the meeting room of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Rubio drowned any “hope” that he would EVER run for office again. I guess not all politicians develop a tough skin.

According to TPM:

I’m not going to be Vice President. I’m not running for Governor of Florida,” Rubio told reporters in Washington. “I’m going to finish up my term in the Senate. Over the next 10 months we’re gonna work really hard here and we have some things we want to achieve. And then I’ll be a private citizen in January.

Don’t get me wrong, the fewer Republicans we have in office the better it is for the country. However, the putrification of the GOP shows in this: Donald Trump, a fascist leaning oligarchist, is the new darling of the party of hate, and Rubio who was much more moderate and realistic (for a conservative) basically got spanked so hard that he won even fewer states than John Kasich — not even winning in his home state of Florida.

Perhaps it was the shattering realization that his party was not going to swoop in and save him from the evil men he was running against, or the crushing reality of his lack of support by the GOP’s electorate. Whatever it was, the revolting behavior of his party and his fall to the level of the childish billionaire leading the race have left him with the stains of a highly abusive party all over his good-boy image.

Tarnished, this beauty is retiring from the public stage, it seems he would rather “fight for his principals” as an overpaid speaker or lobbyist working as a private citizen who doesn’t have to put up with his political opponents slamming his stature.

This leaves the GOP with a dizzyingly disgusting choice, Trump (Fascist, wild card, and horrifying), Ted Cruz (Oligarchist, religious zealot, and terrifying) or Kasich (Too moderate for the right wing and still too insane for the left). One right wing equivalent to an adult, and two caricatures of RWNJ fundie rage, one of these men, and most likely one of the worst possible two choices will run against the democratic nominee.

At least, he isn’t turning around and requesting a square of Trump’s ass to kiss, like the lackluster Ben Carson and the repugnant loudmouth Chris Christie who both quickly moved to put themselves in the giant bigot’s shadow and endorsed him after they withdrew.

It just goes to show, apparently your position politically in the GOP is directly inverse to your capacity to be a quality politician for the American people.

Featured image via If You Only News

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