Rubio Supporting Senator Has EPIC Moment Of Derp When Asked About Marco’s Accomplishments (VIDEO)

Senator Marco Rubio has a really big problem and it all stems from his sh*tty work ethic. His supporters literally have no idea what he stands for because he is never around to vote for things in the Senate. His inability to show up for work caused another senator to have a pretty embarrassing moment on television the other day when he praised Rubio (for a bill he missed the vote on).

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) was asked about his colleague’s accomplishments and he apparently had such a hard time naming one when The Hill reporter Molly Hooper asked him, that he just blabbed on and on about nothing:

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INHOFE: There’s no harder job than being Speaker of the House, either federally or state-by-state, and he accomplished great things, and for him to, I mean, you know, you know, you can start in on his accomplishments going way back to when he was running the state, or the House, in uhm, in uhm, Florida. So, uhh…

HOOPER: But what accomplishments? Because that’s the thing that people don’t know: the specifics. What did he do? What has he done? And I don’t mean to be…

INHOFE: Well, he has, he has, brought issues out in the public so that the public is aware of the problems that exist. He has been very clear that, uhh, that we have a problem in our military, we have a president who’s disarmed America, and we have a problem right now, he is busy bringing that, focusing that, uhh, the American people, and but there are limits to what you can do as one senator.

What? What was that?

In case you are confused, Inhofe basically said this: Rubio has talked about some things and now the public knows about these things and he’s been clear about these things….military….Obama…Second Amendment….problems….focus…clear…people…Murica…amen.

The reporter was not dissuaded and asked for specifics, Inhofe responded by crediting him with something he had nothing to do with:

Now, specific, what has he done? He voted for, as I did, the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, and he did it because, and there were several other senators who didn’t, two other senators who didn’t do it.

Cool story, bro. Well, you know…it would be if it had ever happened — but it didn’t. According to the Senate’s roll call sheet, Rubio was absent for all three of those votes (check here, here, and here).

Well, that’s awkward.

It’s really something that someone is running for president and assuring the American people that he is going to do a good job, but he never actually shows up for the job that he already has. Actually, he is absent so often that even his supporters have no idea what the f*ck he has accomplished. And the only bill that he really worked his butt off for (Gang of 8 immigration bill) is one that he walked back on because he wanted to appeal to his party’s racist base.

Perhaps he should hand out cards to his supporters naming the few votes he was there for so something like this doesn’t happen again. I’m sure they would only fill like three lines anyway.


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