Rubio Puts Together ‘Advisory Board’ Of Bigots To Help Him Find A Way To Dismantle Same-Sex Marriage

Rubio is trying too hard to cut into Ted Cruz’s fan base. Whether it’s racially profiling or saying he would prefer rape victims be forced to have their rapist’s baby, Rubio is hitting all the high notes for the Christian Conservative vote — and now he added another: gay marriage.

Rubio’s campaign gave a press release Saturday, proudly announcing that Rubio had pieced together a “Marriage and Family Advisory Board,” which is neither of those things and, in fact, works to push against marriage, destroy families, and live up to the right-wing reputation of aping Oceania’s naming scheme.

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Fighting against the past

The Obergefell case was one of the most important cases of the century, perhaps in the history, of the United States. It ruled that states cannot discriminate against people in a same-sex marriage and that same-sex marriage is, in the eyes of the government, equal to opposite-sex marriage.

The right-wing lost it, too, and while most have given up the fight to go home, a few heternormative crusaders are still tilting that windmill. Cruz’s entire campaign is financed and supported by these people, and Rubio, who saw Cruz win first place in Iowa, wants a piece of that pie.

To that end, Rubio’s campaign made an announcement on Saturday that they’d pieced together their own advisory board of hateful, bigoted lunatics — and they’re rather proud of it, too:

This morning, the Marco Rubio for President campaign is excited to announce the formation of Marco Rubio’s Marriage & Family Advisory Board. Marco believes the family is the most important institution in society. He understands that in a vibrant culture of marriage and family everyone benefits, but in a culture where the importance of families is neglected all sorts of problems result. You cannot have a strong nation without strong people, and you cannot have strong people without strong values. Right and wrong. Good and bad. That is learned from your values instilled in you in the family. It is irreplaceable.

“The Supreme Court’s decisions in Windsor and Obergefell are only the most recent example of our failure as a society to understand what marriage is and why it matters,” said Eric Teetsel, the Rubio Campaign’s Director of Faith Outreach. “For decades, we have taken for granted the unique and necessary contributions of moms and dads in the lives of their children, from lax divorce laws to marriage penalties in the tax code and the failure of husbands and wives to live up to their marriage vows. Marco understands the many causes of family breakdown and the consequences. He has pulled together a board of experts who understand the same and have devoted themselves to rebuilding a vibrant culture of marriage and family.

Eric Teetsel is the brain leading the Manhattan Declaration, too. The signees of that declaration vowed to discriminate against gay people and refuse them equal treatment under the law, so it’s only natural Rubio would pick this guy as the ring leader.

I like the shout outs to “right and wrong” and “good and bad.” There’s nothing like watching a politician appeal to the class of people who can’t wrap their tiny, atrophied authority-based morality around the Euthyphro dilemma — of course, Ted Cruz cornered that market a long time ago, so this just seems to be blatant pandering, like everything else Rubio does.

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