Rubio Joins Trump At Evangelical Event Designed To Spit On The Graves Of Orlando’s LGBTQ Victims

It’s been two months since 49 people were murdered inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. To commemorate the slaughter, the American Renewal Project is holding an event in that city called “Rediscovering God in America.” Oh, wait… did I say “commemorate?” I meant trample and spit upon.

The four-day event, which began on Thursday, is hosting a bevy of anti-LGBTQ speakers. It’s a veritable who’s who of hate. We have David Lane, the founder of the American Renewal Project, who thinks that “homosexual totalitarianism” is a thing. There’s Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel Action, who represented Kim Davis and Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore — who refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples in defiance of federal law –and believes gay people are “demonic.”

Our old pal, pseudo-historian David Barton will be speaking. Barton thinks that AIDS is a “divine penalty” for homosexuality. Ken Graves is a Maine pastor who rails against “homofascism.” Conspiracy theorist Bill Federer thinks that gays are here to usher in Sharia Law. Think about that one for a moment.

Into this delightful band of misanthropists, we see that both Sen. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump will be welcomed. Of course. Rubio is flailing in his re-election bid. Maybe because he doesn’t do his job, which was supposed to be a step towards the White House that failed miserably. So, hey, why not speak at a gathering of wrong-headed haters and toast his political career for good?

As for Trump, we know that he is courting the Evangelical vote while, simultaneously, trying to make himself out as a defender of LGBTQ rights. The Donald, who tried to bring LGBT voters to his cause after the Pulse shooting, can’t seem to understand how diametrically opposed those two demographics are. He will find out in November, when neither voting bloc goes his way.

Activists outside the Orange County Convention Center who were protesting the event included some actual Christians who said that the ones inside the building do not represent the American faith community. Also among the protesters was Celia Ruiz. Her brother, Juan Ramon Guerrero, was among the slain inside the nightclub on June 12th. She didn’t mince words:

This is a slap in the face to me, to my family, to the 49 other families, to the 53 survivors, to all of the people that were there [and] to the Orlando community.

The people speaking at this conference do not care about the Orlando community, at least, not the one that is inclusive of all residents of that city. They don’t care about the LGBTQ people who live — and who died — in Orlando. They are smug, self-righteous pseudo-Christians, spreading their message of hate.

Rubio is trying desperately to make up ground in his re-election bid. Trump is trying to get the Evangelicals to believe his lies by telling them what they what to hear, as he always does. He says that he is Christian but he is, in fact, Trumpian. He worships himself and will do anything that gets him the attention he thinks he deserves, to get others to worship him, too. And they do, the blinded fools.

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