Rubio Campaign Accused Of Racially Profiling Black NYU Students While White Classmates Left Alone

Here’s something that should surprise nobody: The Rubio campaign is apparently staffed by racists. The accusation comes from two black grad students from NYU, who say that Rubio’s campaign staff racially profiled them during a recent event.

“It was relentless”

The two students, Ugonma Ubani-Ebere and Taisha Henry, attended a town hall meeting on Sunday with a group of New York University graduates. They, along with their professor, Yvonne Latty, were the only black members of a 16-person group from the school attending the event.

The students didn’t have press credentials, but, rather, were attending the town hall as members of the public.

Ubani-Ebere and Henry said they were standing in front of the press line, considering how best to set up a tripod so they could capture footage of the town hall to use as a b-roll, when they were approached by a campaign staffer who told them that they couldn’t film without the proper press credentials.

“We understood we couldn’t film,” Henry said. “We agreed to that.”

While their equipment remained down, they were approached once again. Ubani-Ebere noted that the campaign appeared to be focused on her and her friend, telling BuzzFeed News:

The funny thing was, my white classmate was right behind us, and he didn’t say anything to him.

The two women report being closely watched, even as their classmates filmed the town hall. To further drive the point home, their professor, Yvonne Latty, reported that while the students were recording, only the black students were told to put their cameras down. She referred to the admonishments the two women received as “relentless” — to the point where the two began to break down and cry.

After Professor Latty became involved, both were offered press credentials. They stepped outside, and upon their return, they were questioned yet again. It took the intervention of a white professor to get all three of them, Professor Latty included, back into the event.

When asked why the students might have been approached a second time, campaign spokesperson Michael Zona said,  “I would have to gather more information about the situation.”

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