Rove Thinks That We’re All Going To Be Dead By 2080, So Climate Change Doesn’t Matter

Saturday saw a remarkable change in course for the human race: representatives from 195 nations reached an accord that would commit nearly every nation in the world to the fight against global warming.

For those of use who care about the future, this was great news. It remains to be seen if the countries will follow through, and it’s probably several decades too late, but at least it’s something.

After all, the best you can do is fight, right?

Well, no. According to GOP strategist, architect of the Iraq war, and war criminal Karl Rove, the treaty is “B.S.” because we’re all gonna be dead by 2080 anyway, so we should just roll over and give up now.

“We’ll all be dead”

Rove made his cheery proclamation on Fox News Sunday, telling the audience the climate treaty was “B.S.” because it called for slowing carbon emissions between 2050 and 2080 to a net of zero.

“We’ll all be dead and very few people sitting in Paris will be alive at that point, I suspect, when we get to 2080,” Rove said. He continued:

The United States has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions. It has done so, not because some international treaty, we have put the focus on energy efficiency, we’re a market economy, we’re a wealthy country that can afford to do this. And we have done it.

Rove, of course, is lying. The United States actually hasn’t decreased its carbon emissions; we’re still slightly above the level of carbon emissions we had in 1991, and what little has been done to reduce emissions isn’t a result of the market, which has done everything its power to keep the status quo. It’s the result of initiatives enacted by President Obama.

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone Rove was adviser to the president who shot down the Kyoto Protocols, which hampered the world’s response to global warming, and there’s no reason to think Rove’s apparent nihilism isn’t motivated in part by the buckets of oil money he crams in his back pocket.

Rove added it was bad news for emerging economies, as well:

What we are now saying to emerging economies, ‘Keep your people poor, keep them in poverty because you cannot use cheap fuels, namely natural gas, coal and other fossil fuels to power your economy.’ And it’s ridiculous.

What’s ridiculous is Rove pretending to care about developing countries. Of course, Rove is something of an expert in how “cheap fuels, namely natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels” affect developing economics. They did wonders for Iraq.

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