Rosie O’Donell Reveals What’s So Revolting About Donald Trump’s Mouth

The feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell goes back to her days on The View a decade ago. Rosie blasted Trump on the air, Trump called her ugly and the world erupted into a tabloid battle that quickly turned into one of the first social media wars; certainly one to be remembered. Rosie couldn’t have known ten years ago that her nemesis would one day be standing with a clear path to the Republican nomination for president, the epitome of everything she stands against.

That’s how it happened. If Donald Trump is elected president there will be at least a mention of Rosie O’Donnell in a presidential library someday if not an entire attraction where the kids can attack a 14 foot Rosie monster in a giant room filled with laser cannons for five grand a pop. That would, of course, be the final nail in the coffin of America ever being great again.

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So, Rosie hates The Donald; The Donald is childish and will never stop responding. Rosie, being smarter than he is, trolls him for a decade, right up to the time she gets to walk onto a national stage and remind people exactly the kind of things Donald Trump will say and do to people he disagrees with. His theory that everyone loves him because he says so will be shattered when it’s no longer a run amongst the stupidity of other Republicans. In the real world, people like Rosie O’Donnell or they ignore Rosie O’Donell. She’s funny and outspoken and her only natural enemy is Donald Trump. She’s not running for president.

So when she tells a story recently at a SAG panel about working with the show, “Mom,” O’Donell took the next swing in the battle she is apparently more than willing to keep up. The quote reads like Rosie, go figure, she begins a thought, goes off on an unrelated rant and curb stomps Trump’s dignity a bit, then completes her thought:

I’ve admired [Allison Janney] for so long. Being a lesbian in real life — news flash — get off your Twitter sir — don’t tell people. … It is not about politics it is about acting — lots of women around that house, too — I’m not going near him, trust me — Orange man. Anyway, the thing is, fin, his mouth looks like an anus…What I’m trying to say about ‘Mom’ is that everyone was really warm and lovely. But being that I am gay, I didn’t want to be pushing the kiss part.

So there’s that. Trump just recently said he thinks Rosie is “terrible.” Because that’s the extent of Donald Trump’s vocabulary. Rosie and many, many things are “terrible.” Trump hasn’t responded to Rosie saying his mouth looks like an anus, probably because there isn’t much to dispute. Trump will probably wait for some late-night Twitter rant to call Rosie names and remind her of who he is.

Rosie is OK with that, or whatever The Donald says. She told Variety:

I believe in the innate humanity and sensible nature of Americans. Do not give up, he will never be president.

Amen to that.

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