Roseanne BRILLIANTLY Exposed Republican Hatred Of The Poor Years Ago In This Clip (VIDEO)

It really is sad that no matter how many problems face regular families, Republicans will just keep coming up with ideas to hurt them. Nothing could better point that out than this short segment from the TV show Roseanne.

The clip sums up exactly what Republican and corporatist attitudes are towards regular people and regular families in America. Back in the early 90s when this episode aired, this sort of blatant gutting of the poor and middle class for the benefit of the rich was not so commonplace, or at least not talked about as openly. Now it’s a proud and bold bedrock of the Republican party, and they have NO shame about it.

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It’s like they knew what was coming in the new millennium way back then already, and captured it perfectly to show the future generations. The unfortunate part is that not enough people seemed to have believed it, and now here we are fighting to get back what we already had long ago.

This is exactly why Americans can no longer afford Republican presidencies.

Watch the clip below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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