Ronald Reagan’s Daughter To Trump: My Father Was Shot Because Of A Man Just Like You (VIDEO)

Recently, Patti Davis, daughter of late former President Ronald Reagan, expressed her shock and horror concerning GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s veiled threat suggesting that gun owners could “do something” to stop Hillary Clinton from nominating liberal judges if she becomes president.

Davis told Trump that her father’s would-be assassin was also a man obsessed with celebrity.

I am the daughter of a man who was shot by someone who got his inspiration from a movie, someone who believed if he killed the President the actress from that movie would notice him,” Davis wrote in a Facebook post published late Wednesday.

She then scolded the GOP nominee, reminding him that many people around the world take his words very seriously, even if he doesn’t.

Your glib and horrifying comment about ‘Second Amendment people’ was heard around the world,” Davis said. “It was heard by sane and decent people who shudder at your fondness for verbal violence.

Davis said that Trump’s words could also be heard by Americans who suffer from mental illness or people seeking an excuse to commit acts of political violence.

It was heard by your supporters, many of whom gleefully and angrily yell, ‘Lock her up!’ at your rallies,” Davis reminded Trump. “It was heard by the person sitting alone in a room, locked in his own dark fantasies, who sees unbridled violence as a way to make his mark in the world, and is just looking for ideas.

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Donald Trump is in a position where he could conceivably become the most powerful man in the world, which means his words now carry a lot more importance than when he was just a popular reality TV real estate mogul.

However, much like John Hinckley Jr. (the man who shot Reagan), Trump seems to be obsessed with getting attention but also inspires unstable people to do so. While Hinckley used bullets to get attention, Trump uses his weighted words for the same purpose.

Trump revels in attention, and he loves being talked about and doesn’t care if the publicity is good or bad. He is a man who bathes in the glory of all things related to himself and will say anything to maintain his compulsive celebrity-obsessed high.

Now just imagine Trump with the power to use actions as well as words to feed his addiction.

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