Rob Reiner Has SPOT ON Take Down Of Rick Santorum’s Pathetic Defense Of Trump’s Lies (VIDEO)

Last Night on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host was joined by liberal actor/director Rob Reiner and conservatives Tara Setmayer and Rick Santorum. Setmayer, who has been vocally anti-Trump in her political commentary on CNN, went head-to-head with Santorum on his endorsement of The Donald. Santorum  was the only person defending Trump’s childlike behavior. He was completely outmatched.

After getting repeatedly smacked down, Santorum reached his boiling point and gave what he thought was the ultimate defense of Donald Trump saying:

“In other words he is telling lies like another presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.”

Reiner was over it and went off, “No! No! No! No! You just say a line like that, you just say it, and it’s not true!”

Of course, Santorum then tried to tap the anti-Hillary conspiracy theory well by bringing up the FBI.

Reiner bubbled up like an erupting volcano, “Let’s talk about the FBI!”

There was one email. One email that was not listed as classified. . . it had a little tiny ‘c’ in there. . . and James Comey said anybody could have missed that! Enough of that! Enough of that!

Bill Maher was hoping to bring the panel around to another topic because just like all of us, he is finished talking about Hillary’s emails. The conservatives guests tried to defuse the situation by claiming both sides had “flawed” candidates. The insane premise made Maher furious.

You know what, that’s bullshit, too. That idea that it’s a push. Donald Trump complete sees things that have never happened. He completely lies because he makes things up in his head.

Maher then continued to list off the numerous fairy tales Donald Trump has spouted off at his rallies.

Watch Rob Reiner rebuke Rick Santorum’s defense of Donald Trump. The sparring happens around the 2:37 mark.

Featured image via video screen capture

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