RNC Security Literally Assaults Code Pink Protester With American Flag (VIDEO)

Republicans are always going on about how much they love free speech, but what they really mean is that they only respect free speech when they are the ones expressing themselves. This was demonstrated once again at the Republican Trump National Convention on Tuesday night when an anti-war activist was assaulted by RNC security and then, in an ironic twist, covered with an American flag.

After Ben Carson was finished speaking, a Code Pink activist held up a sign that read,”No Racism, No Hate.” This sentiment apparently angered the security and attendees at the event because they began assaulting her. The security pushed her multiple times and attendees grabbed her sign. But the assault took a bizarre turn when the security began shoving an American flag in her face and attempted to cover her up with it.

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Here was a woman, expressing the belief that the Republican Party should be inclusive and loving and in return she was silenced with an American flag. The only thing that would be worse is if they’d shoved a copy of the Constitution in her mouth.

The GOP and their voters once again proved that they have no respect for this country or the beliefs it was built upon. This activist did nothing wrong. She was acting in a respectful manner and she was assaulted for it. I often say the Republican Party wraps their hate in a flag and calls it patriotism, well, here is the perfect example of that. If there is an afterlife, the founding fathers are probably disgusted by the circus taking place in Cleveland.


Featured image via video screenshot

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