RNC Infuriates Entire City Of Cleveland By Removing Iconic LeBron James Banner For Convention

In July, the Republican Party plans to hold their chaotic (and potentially violent) presidential convention in Cleveland and they are already doing things to piss off the people who actually live there.

In a move that is baffling in its obliviousness, RNC officials said they would be stripping down a famous sign honoring local basketball hero (and recently NBA champion and MVP) LeBron James and replacing it with a red, white, and blue colored one that reads, menacingly: “This Land Is Our Land.” Well, no, it’s Cleveland’s. And many Clevelanders don’t want anything to do with the clown show coming to town.

The sign has been a mainstay for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers but recently it became even more significant after the team won their first championship in over half a decade. Saying it means a lot to the city would be a monumental understatement.

Here’s the sign as it can be seen today:


As news broke that the RNC would be appropriating the sign for the business of nominating Donald Trump, Cleveland reacted with disbelief and outrage. A petition was launched immediately are scored thousands of signatures. The creator of the Change.org petition explained the significance:

Sherwin Williams will remove the iconic LeBron James/Cleveland Cavaliers banner on the building across from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland for the upcoming Republican National Convention. The banner is a symbol of persistence, promise and pride in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Northeastern Ohio.  Removing this banner will be a travesty to what we call Cleveland.  We are proud, we are Cleveland and we are with our TEAM the Cavaliers!  This banner is the BEST message we can show to anyone visiting our town for the RNC.  Please leave the banner up.

It was an interesting decision for the RNC to pick Cleveland to be the hosting site of their convention. For starters, Ohio rejected Trump in the primaries and even after he became the presumptive nominee, polls show he’s losing to Hillary Clinton. On top of that, law enforcement officials and RNC staffers are worrying about potential outbreaks of violence at the convention. Trump supporters have occassionally threatened to riot should Republicans not endorse Trump at the convention. One Trump fan recently called for armed conservatives to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters if they felt threatened. The threat of violence is so severe that the city is cordoning off a 3.3-square-mile area around the convention center and restricting access within.

It’s easy to see why the locals are looking at this “city within a city” and the way the RNC is treating their cherished landmarks and coming to the conclusion that Republicans have very little respect for what they are bringing to town.

The RNC’s decision shows they are out of touch and stubborn, what a metaphor.

Featured image via News Net 5 screengrab

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