A Right-Wing 9/11 Scare Tactic On Twitter Failed Horribly (IMAGES)

On the 14th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack our nation ever endured, Americans wanted solemn remembrance. Peace. Harmony.

Some war-happy freaks promoted just the opposite through a Twitter hashtag this September 11, though, attempting to spread public fear and insecurity about the recent nuclear agreement with Iran.

The #NoIranDealBecause trend, launched by the rightwing Secure America Now PAC, failed miserably, however. Quite miserably, too, because too many with more than half a brain quickly overtook the silly hashtag, correcting its fearmongering falsehoods.

The comical replies came quickly.

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Does he mean “Deal or No Deal”?

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Of course, let’s blame the black guy.

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Some of the replies were rather serious in tone.

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Remember who started the current Middle East mess? These folks sure never forgot!

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Why, yes! This *is* a Republican-created hashtag!

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Secure America Now even paid for promotion of the hashtag on Twitter, which some pointed out with due criticism.

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And while some dumped blame on Jeb Bush, apparently taking this hashtag promotion to be in favor of his presidential campaign…

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…this failed propaganda actually falls on the lap of none other than Mike Huckabee (whose recent Kim Davis fetish apparently didn’t do him much good).

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That’s right, folks. Huck’s on the board of that Secure America Now PAC that paid to circulate this garbage.

huckabee pac

This paid campaign by the Huckabee-affiliated PAC failed so miserably that its opponents actually had a higher number of tweets, and with higher counts in “likes” and retweets. One participant took great pleasure in pointing that out, too.

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(Note: When first contacted by If You Only News, Secure America Now offered to submit our questions to its press agent. After we gave them the questions [i.e., when founded, by whom, which affiliates, which funders], and during regular business hours on September 11, the group failed to reply.)

Featured image made with photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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