Right-Wingers Lose Their Sh*t Over The Obamas’ New House — For This Insane Reason

For seven years the nutjobs on the right have been in 24/7 freakout mode, insisting that President Obama, the “weak feckless dictator,” would somehow manage to stay on in office past the end of his term, and declare himself “President For Life” or some such nonsense. Now, as January 2017 approaches, they’ve become silent on that front and have instead turned their attention to the Obama family’s post-January-20th-2017 living arrangements.

Leading the charge on the latest attack against the first family is The Daily Caller. That site, founded by barely concealed racist Tucker Carlson, has attacked not just the president, but his entire family with regularity over the years, with stories such as one charging the Obamas with racism because they “have no white dogs.” The site reached a low point even for them last year with a headline that read “Barack Obama Wife Beater.” The story was about a picture of the president that showed him wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, often referred to as a “wife beater,” under his dress shirt.

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So it should come as no surprise that The Daily Caller is leading the attack on the house the Obamas have selected as their post-presidential residence. On May 25, the site ran a piece titled “The Swanky DC Mansion Where The Obamas Are Living Next.” It makes a big deal out of the fact that the mansion, which is owned by former Clinton aide Joe Lockhart, is valued at over $6 million. The implication is that the Obamas are buying the property. But you have to get to the final sentence of the story, which is almost buried between photos and advertisements, to find out this salient fact: “The Obamas are expected to lease it until their youngest daughter Sasha finishes up at Sidwell Friends School.”

Living in the house isn’t cheap. The New York Times says that rent on the property is estimated to be some $22,000 per month. But the Obamas have to live somewhere, and that somewhere needs to be a place that will fit the needs of a former president. This house was chosen in part because of the available accommodations for the Secret Service detail, as well as the sizable gated courtyard, where a guardhouse will likely be added. After Sasha graduates from high school, it’s not likely the family will continue to live in the mansion, or anywhere in Washington. In fact, according to the Times, the president has said as much.

Of course, the racists were out in force on the story’s comment thread:



But as the carnival barker (no, not Trump, a real carnival barker) says, “Wait, there’s more.”

On the heels of that story comes another from The Daily Caller with this headline: “Obama’s Fancy New Mansion Is Located 1,000 Feet From The Islamic Center Of Washington DC.”

Written by “education editor” Eric Owens, the Daily Caller’s followup to their first story about the mansion is far worse. Owens starts his piece with this paragraph:

The mammoth, multi-million-dollar mansion where President Barack Obama and his family will reportedly live after the first family exits the White House is located 1,096 feet from the Islamic Center of Washington — one of the largest mosques in the Western Hemisphere.

You have to wonder whether Owens measured the distance himself. 1,096 feet! Wow, that’s really close. Not really. Put in other terms, 1,096 feet is almost a quarter of a mile. Walking distance, sure, but not exactly “next door,” either.

Let’s face it, in a major city, everything is close to everything else. For example, The Daily Caller’s offices, located at 1050 17th St. NW in Washington is close to the Mayflower Hotel, the site of a good deal of “monkey business” involving politicians and other power brokers over the years. Using Owens’ logic, should we assume that The Daily Caller located there because the Mayflower was close by? Or how about that big Victoria’s Secret store nearby? Could we infer that the male staff of this site are cross-dressers who like to wear women’s underwear?

There’s a reason — a disgusting, racist reason — why Eric Owens and The Daily Caller are going crazy over the Obamas choice of post-White House living arrangements. And Owens doesn’t even try to hide it. He concludes his story by mentioning that the Obamas’ new residence is also near the embassy of Oman, an Islamic country, and the former embassy of Iran, now known as the “Iranian Interest Section.” He doesn’t bother to mention that also in the immediate area are the embassies of Guyana, Japan, India and South Korea.

It is apparently “let’s run with the whole ‘the president is a Muslim’ bit one more time before we have to maybe do actual journalism” time at this worthless website. You have to wonder what these people will do for a living when they don’t have President Obama and his family to abuse anymore.

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