Right-Wingers Flipped Out When Michelle Obama Went Sleeveless, Ok With Melania Trump Posing Nude

We’re all well aware of Republicans blind hatred for President Obama, and their seemingly incurable Baracknophobia. Apparently this phobia also applies to First Lady Michelle Obama. The same petty and childish attacks hurled at President Obama have been hurled at his wife as well. One must really love to be a fly during a dinner with the Obama’s, as they surely must make fun of all the crap they get.

A big grievance among the right-wing is that Michelle Obama is disrespectful and not fitting to be a First Lady. Just like they were vying to make Obama a one-term president, they were wasting as much time trying to make Michelle a one time FLOTUS. Chief among their petty complaints had to do with Mrs. Obama’s desire to wear sleeveless shirts. Yes, apparently it’s the 1920s and woman, even First Ladies, can’t wear sleeveless dresses.

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Via a 2012 NPR interview with a Republican voter:

Lussier: “No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t look or act. I mean, can you imagine you know, Kennedys or the Bushes or anybody doing pushups on the floor? I mean you know. That’s just not a first lady.”

NPR: “A lot of people wondered if there was a racial undertone to your comments.”

Lussier: “No, it’s not. I don’t care what color she is. It’s just she just doesn’t act and look like a first lady. I mean she’s more about showing her arms off. … I think that’s very inappropriate for a lot of functions that she goes to.”

NPR: “So do you mean it’s an issue of modesty?”

Lussier: “Yeah. It’s respect and … for being in the White House.”

We get it, dude. You like dresses with sleeves.

Meanwhile, not much has been made of Melania Trump, Family Values Man Donald Trump’s fourth wife who has a history of racy modeling jobs.

Now, I’m in no way putting down or shunning Melania Trump for her decision to pose nude as a model as she’s a grown woman and free to do as she pleases. However, what gives me Lewis Black levels of outrage is how the so-called  party of ‘Family Values’ and clean Christian virtue seem to have no problem with this potential First Lady being a nude model and yet this is the same party who shunned and shamed Michelle Obama as being some classless she-devil for simply not wearing sleeves.


Yet not a peep from any right-wing outlet over Melania Trump. I wonder why that is? Could it have something to do with her complexion? Hmmmm…

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