Right-Winger Tries To Prove There Is No ‘Gun Show Loophole,’ Fails Spectacularly (VIDEO)

Right-wing commentator and “comedian” Steven Crowder is at it again, claiming that he is proving one thing, when actually he is simply confirming something that most of us already know.

Crowder seizes on the somewhat careless comments of a handful of people, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton among them, about the purchase of automatic weapons. He then twists that, in true right-wing fashion, into something else entirely, claiming that he is proving the thing referred to as the “gun show loophole” doesn’t exist.

Let’s get this out of the way first: many people need to speak more carefully concerning guns. It is actually next to impossible for an average person to legally buy a fully automatic weapon. That seems to be one of the central points of Crowder’s video. But he uses that point to make this one:

The gun show loophole is a myth. What Obama and Bernie are referring to are already illegal practices, as seen by the hilarious reactions of gun salesman at the gun shows.

Dear Steven, poor confused Steven. The fact that you can’t buy a fully automatic weapon legally doesn’t prove that a “gun show loophole” doesn’t exist. Crowder even does a terrible job of knocking down that straw man in his video, as at least some of the locations he shows do not appear to be gun shows at all. One seems to be a bicycle shop that apparently also sells guns. Go figure.

Crowder even changes his argument part of the way through. Remember, this is all about proving that a “gun show loophole” doesn’t exist. But then he says this:

There is no way to purchase a firearm at a qualified store without a background check. It doesn’t happen. Again, watch the hilarious video.

But Steven, I thought you were talking about gun shows. Gun stores are owned by licensed firearms dealers. The term “gun show loophole,” like so many terms used by the right and mistakenly adopted by liberals, actually refers to laws regarding private sales. What do gun stores have to do with it?

Satisfied that he can’t get an automatic weapon, Crowder tries to buy a semi-automatic weapon. And to “prove” that he can’t do so, without a background check, he talks to dealers at several gun shows, and throws in visits to gun stores to boot. But just like the clips he shows of his attempts to purchase automatic weapons, he is so over the top that no sane person would probably consider selling a gun to him.

The viewer is also left to take it on faith that the video didn’t exclude conversations with private sellers who might have been quite happy to sell him the guns he wanted, without a background check. Again, all Crowder proves is something we know: licensed dealers have to do background checks. This is just how stupid Crowder is, or thinks his viewers are. The loophole he is trying to prove doesn’t exist doesn’t apply to licensed dealers, yet in his video, licensed gun dealers appear to be the only people he is talking to.

This is what the Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence says:

According the U.S. Department of Justice, because federal law does not require universal background checks, ‘individuals prohibited by law from possessing guns can easily obtain them from private sellers and do so without any federal records of the transactions.’ ‘The private-party gun market,’ one study observed, ‘has long been recognized as a leading source of guns used in crimes.’ Although the private sale loophole is frequently referred to as the ‘gun show’ loophole (because of the particular problems associated with gun shows), it applies to all private firearm sales, regardless of where they occur.

Politifact investigated the issue, and offered these three observations in a post from January 7:

  1. Federally licensed gun sellers are required to run background checks. But not all sellers are required to be licensed. Some of those unlicensed sellers sell at gun shows.
  2. It’s not clear how many sellers are licensed and how many are not. Some studies are out of date.
  3. Experts warn that the phrase “gun show loophole” is imprecise at best. But people do buy guns without having to undergo background checks.

Crowder ends the video by asking the dealers at the Indiana gun show about buying guns there if he is an Illinois resident. He is told, again by people who all appear to be licensed dealers, that they can’t sell to him. He uses this argument to shoot down President Obama’s claim that part of the problem with gun violence in Chicago is because of Indiana’s more lax gun laws. Another fail. Look up the term “straw purchase,” Steven.

So, yes Virginia Steven, and all of your buddies in the small penis “MOAR GUNZ” crowd, there is a “gun show loophole.” And sorry, but by seizing on the inaccurate terminology of some in the media and in politics, all you managed to prove is what most of us already know about gun laws, plus the fact that licensed gun dealers aren’t stupid enough to sell to someone who acts as crazy as you do.

Here’s the video, via YouTube:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEihkjKNhN8?rel=0] Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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