A Right-Wing UFO Chaser Wants To Be The Next ‘Democratic’ President

Some active Democrats in South Carolina recently received notice of a new presidential candidate for their upcoming primary in February. Problem is, Mike Wiley isn’t really a Democrat; and even worse, he’s only some UFO-chasing conspiracy theorist, who just so happens to have carried a grudge against the Clintons for two decades.

In a July 26 email, the former internet radio show host told a few county party officers that he was declaring himself to be “Democratic Presidential Candidate #6.” There isn’t anything Democratic about his platform, though.

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I am presenting a bold plan of killing the IRS, the Tax Code and Obamacare while establishing a 20 year Advanced City Planning Infrastructure program to compliment my private sector jobs plan.

Sounds like a blend of Libertarian and Tea Party, right? Wiley, 63, also describes himself as a “Conservative/Libertarian” in the same message. So why is running as a Democrat?

Well, he says he was born one, citing his Jewish faith and union-member grandparents as his qualifications; and in one of the other times Wiley ran for office over the past 21 years, he did so as a Democrat.

That seems to be only because Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, was a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida’s 1994 elections. In fact, in that email, Massachusetts-native Wiley says Republicans encouraged him to run in that primary race and gave $20,000 to his campaign fund. He even told media years later that he deliberately switched parties to interfere. He lost to Rodham, but did manage to make it into a primary runoff.

But he also lost his job at a radio station, he claims was a retaliation from the Clintons, who he (at least once) said offered a “White House bribe” for him to drop out of the race. Because he didn’t accept, Wiley claims the Clinton Administration cut some deal between his radio station and the FCC “in exchange for taking me off the air.”

The real reason Wiley lost his radio spot – a “Freedom!” type of “Patriot!” show on real radio and on which did he complain of “RINOs” – is more likely because … he’s a freak. A conspiracy theorist. Whose show wasn’t simply “Pro-Gun” and “Pro-Life” (as Wiley describes himself in his recent email), but pro-UFO.

Yup, Wiley believes in UFOs, and claims the government is hiding and protecting creatures from other planets who live amongst us today. “They’re already here,” he told the Las Vegas Sun in 2009 “there’s enough evidence.” He’s seen one himself, he claims, as a teenager back in 1967.

That freakish claim seems to be what cost Wiley his next bid for public office. In 2001, he campaigned as a Republican seeking Kentucky’s 4th U.S. Congressional District. He apparently dropped out before the primary, though and probably because local media told voters of his strange “alien from another planet” claims.

Wiley (who also claims he was Pat Buchanan’s official spokesman in the 1996 GOP presidential primary) later tried to run for U.S. Senate in his now-home state of Nevada. He quickly dropped out of the Republican primary for that 2010 race, though, claiming “conservative” media weren’t respecting him (and even though he was raffling an AR-15 assault rifle as a campaign fundraiser!).

Now, here he is, five years later and apparently with a lot of time on his hands since even his internet radio show got canned (“Unfortunately, The Mike Wiley Show is no longer broadcasting,” reads the website of online radio directory Streema). Now, gosh darn it, he wants to be the Democratic candidate for president.

But be prepared for his very anti-Democratic stances.

He wants to “arm honest citizens” to take on “Domestic Terrorists,” who he says “Hussein Obama” is ignoring.

He’s not just going to downsize the government, but completely eliminate Housing & Urban Development. the Internal Revenue Service, the Food & Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

He’ll privatize Social Security, he says. Add some “illegal immigrant!” juice to his cocktail, too; Wiley says he’ll station 10,000 troops along the Mexican border. Oh, and if you don’t like his pro-Israel/anti-Palestine stance, well, he’ll call you “anti-Semitic.”

Honestly, folks, can you think of anything more Democratic than stances like that? (Neither can we.)

His personal history and personal stances do, however, support another of Wiley’s arguments: Anyone this silly and asinine can only be from outer space.

At least South Carolina Democrats are used to such shenanigans. Take Ben Frasier, for instance, who has run for Congress from the Palmetto State in almost every election cycle since 1972. Frasier runs as a Democrat, but promotes a Republican platform, then endorses a Republican after he loses the primary.

In another case, a Republican campaign consultant was convicted for planting a fake Democrat in a 1990 Columbia election.

In 2008, a Libertarian ran as a Democrat to challenge Lindsey Graham’s senate seat; and in 2014, South Carolina had fake Democrats enter three different congressional races. One was Jay Stamper, a convicted felon who announced his senate bid before he even moved to South Carolina, and who later tried multiple tricks and false accusations to interfere with the Democratic primary. And who can forget Alvin Greene?

Maybe Wiley should just skip South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary altogether.

Featured image from Mac Mave Studios and Mike Wiley for President website

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