Right-Wing Tool Eric Erickson Urges Cuts To Planned Parenthood, Compares Them To Nazis

A favorite tactic of the right-wing is to compare something they don’t like to Hitler and the Nazis. Cheney did this when he compared the Iran deal to Neville Chamberlain — who’s actions were both based in expert advice at the time and may well have saved Great Britain — and Eric Erickson did again when he urged Republicans on Monday to defund Planned Parenthood and compared the group to the Nazis.

Cruz-ing for another shutdown

In spite of signs from the Republican Congressional leadership that a government shutdown over the funding for women’s health clinics would be a detriment to the party, Eric Erickson is still urging Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood.

Writing in a Monday morning post, Erickson said that “children in the United States are being cut up and sold for scrap,” and that “Republicans in Washington think they can excuse their way out of a fight says too much damning about them.”

Never mind that the videos making these claims have been debunked multiple times now and the agency that made them has been connected to the terrorist organization Operation Rescue; why let the facts get in the way of some old fashioned outrage shared by a minority of Americans?

He continued, comparing Planned Parenthood to Josef Mengele:

This is a fight on principle over whether the Republican Party should stand by and let our tax dollars be used to subsidize the American Mengeles of Planned Parenthood or not. This is not a fight about politics. This is a fight about life and death.

And then he slammed the “Circle of Jerks that make up the Washington Press Corps” who are blaming Ted Cruz for a potential shutdown:

They know he is on a pretty good course toward the nomination. They have to make it about him. This is cynical Washington politics at its best. In fact, the Washington political elite and the Circle of Jerks cannot contemplate what is happening. They do not relate to people who stand on principle. In Washington, everything and everyone is supposed to have a price. They should be able to buy off pro-life voters as they’ve done with some of the groups.

There’s nothing pro-life about the fascists that Erickson rallies. And yes, I called him and others like him fascists, because now it’s my turn.

While the only thing like the Nazis were (thankfully) the Nazis, Benito Mussolini, the living cartoon character who gave us fascism, would not be out of place in the modern Republican Party. Like many Teabaggers, Mussolini began life on the political left-wing — he was a socialist —  before he began calling himself an “authoritarian.”

At its core, fascism promotes the following values: militarism, unbending allegiance to the nation, mythical nationalism, national exceptionalism, and traditional (masculine) values. Fascism is anti-gay marriage, anti-liberal, anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-unions, anti-democracy, anti-women’s suffrage, and, most importantly, it’s anti-abortion.

And while there are big differences between Mussolini’s idea of fascism and Hitler’s national socialism, one of the biggest is this: Mussolini hasn’t slipped into history as a thought-terminating cliche/automatic go-to for intellectually lazy comparisons like Hitler, Mengele, and the other Nazis have — as Erickson demonstrated for us.

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