Right-Wing Nut Says We Must Apologize To Russia And Muslims For Bizarre Reason

Right-wing nut Rick Joyner went out on a limb for America, apologizing for our most hideous transgressions against the world. Wait, what’s that? Which transgressions? Our war-mongering? Interfering in other countries’ affairs? Our lack of action on climate change? No, apparently, we’re exporting a heinous moral pollution in the form of increasing acceptance of the LGBT “lifestyle,” and Joyner publicly apologized to Russia and Muslims for it.

According to an article on Right Wing Watch, Joyner said:

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One of the things [the Russians] really hate is what they think we have become, a gay nation. It’s the main reason why Islam, by the way, calls us the ‘Great Satan.’ They think we’re, we say we trust God, we put that on our money, but we export the worst kinds of perversion all over the world.

And of course they have their own perversion, they have — but they see us as the source of the worst spiritual and moral pollution in the world. And, you know, we can’t disagree with that. That shouldn’t be happening here.

So, basically, because we’re not the great, shining bastion of religious purity that we ought to be, we’re responsible for Islamic terrorism, and Russia’s hostility toward us. Muslim terrorists can’t possibly hate us because we insist on forcing our brand of democracy on the rest of the world. They can’t possibly despise us because we’re doing exactly what Joyner just did, which is preach Christian morals as superior to all others.

Our problems with Russia are considerably more complicated. Does Russia have a problem with our moves towards LGBT equality? Perhaps, but that would be just one thing in the long, sad history of problems between us. We have a long history of bad blood with them. Even when our relationship is good, it’s never on solid footing.

So we’re the source of moral pollution that’s flowing throughout the world. Is this what happened in Ireland, then? They became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage through referendum yesterday. Is that our fault? One has to wonder if that’s what Joyner would say. Ireland’s heritage has a very strong Catholic influence, so their vote was somewhat surprising. Joyner and his ilk probably think we corrupted their pure religious morals for them to do something so awful.

There’s one huge flaw in Joyner’s logic that hasn’t been addressed yet, and that’s the idea that we’re even capable of corrupting the entire world this way. American “exceptionalism” isn’t what it once was. Countries don’t take every one of their cues from us anymore (if they ever actually did). We might be a world leader, but we’re not the only world leader. We’re just not as special as some of these people think (or maybe wish) we were.

It’s a sad, sad commentary that Joyner would feel the need to apologize to Russia and to the Muslim world for our becoming “a gay nation.” We’re not a “gay nation.” Our biggest hypocrisy, where the LGBT community is concerned, has less to do with outwardly sticking to Christian morals while okaying “sexual deviancy,” and more to do with preaching equality and practicing anything but where the LGBT community is concerned. If the world is angry at hypocrisy on this issue, it would far more likely be about the fact that we preach freedom and equality, and still have an unofficial caste system that people like Joyner are all too willing to fight for.

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