Right-Wing Nut Has The REAL Reason They Want To Roll Back Women’s Rights, And It’s Sick

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson is the right’s new face against marriage equality, and he blames widespread access to contraception and women’s rights for this whole marriage “mess.” According to his line of thinking, the whole “mess” with marriage equality started with the sexual revolution, when women began to muddy the institution of marriage.

Right Wing Watch reports that Anderson was speaking with Patrick Coffin, of Catholic Answers. In response to Coffin’s question about contraception and the LGBTQ movement, Anderson said:

“Yes, the sexual revolution explains quite a bit of this. We only arrived at the place where we are today, in 2015, at the cusp of a potential Supreme Court case redefining marriage everywhere because we’ve had a culture since the ‘60s, since the sexual revolution, that has largely made a mess of human sexuality, the family and marriage. It’s only after a generation or two of premarital sex, non-marital childbearing, the hookup culture, pornography, no-fault divorce, that you’d then be at the point of saying, ‘Oh, yeah, marriage has nothing to do with men and women.’”

So, basically, the women’s liberation movement is responsible for this. We need to roll back women’s rights in order to fight against the “homosexual agenda.” Could this be why conservatives are so hell-bent on rolling back access to contraception in the name of their religion? If they score that victory, then they’re paving a path away from LGBTQ equality, too.

In other words, it’s further evidence of what we always knew about conservatives. They want to take us back to a time when women were barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen; and white, straight men ruled the home, business, and the country.

Right Wing Watch correctly points out that the fight for women’s equality and the fight for LGBTQ equality go hand-in-hand. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) says that one can’t be a feminist, and homophobic, at the same time. Marginalizing LGBTQ women doesn’t empower any women at all, and ignoring them means ignoring systemic discrimination against them, and more broadly, against all women. To empower women, we must empower all women, not just straight, cisgender women.

Ryan T. Anderson, however, has already endured more than his share of hate for his views, if we’re to believe the far-right wing part of the blogosphere. For instance, The American Conservative blasted people who criticized Friends School of Baltimore for posting a profile of Anderson that painted him in a positive light. Author Rod Dreher is upset that people would do this to someone as respectful and accomplished as Anderson, because he advocates a position that just a third of Americans hold today. Dreher thinks Anderson is standing up for his faith, and for what’s right, when what’s happening is that Anderson is being a bigot against both women and the LGBTQ community.

There’s not much else out there on him, except that his views are anti-LGBTQ and anti-woman. He might be rational and reasoned, and he might be polite. But he’s also holding onto traditionally bigoted views regarding women and the LGBTQ community.

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