Right-Wing Lunatic: Hillary Coughed During Benghazi Hearing. She’s Obviously On Drugs

There is no shortage of right-wing froth resulting from Hillary’s testimony in front of the fiasco that is the Benghazi panel. Some of it is outlandish, some of it is too stupid for words, and some is just plain bizarre. That last is the category to which Matt Drudge’s opinion of Hillary’s testimony belongs. Matt Drudge is the owner of The Drudge Report, which is, to put it nicely, a rather far-right leaning publication.

Media Matters for America noticed Drudge’s tweets about Hillary’s testimony, and put them up for all the Internet to see. Drudge seems to think there’s some kind of conspiracy going on regarding Hillary’s health, as he said:

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Oddly enough, these are two of the only three tweets on this particular account. Then he tried to give more justification for his argument by going after the Washington Post for their take on Hillary’s coughing:

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What is the point behind any of this? Is Matt Drudge trying to say that her possibly having hypothyroidism makes her unfit to lead? Is he insinuating that she wasn’t fit to lead the State Department because of her health? Where could he possibly be going with this, other than to attempt playing doctor to make her look bad? The Post‘s Philip Bump spoke to his own doctor, Philip Weintraub, who said that he thinks Matt Drudge has an active imagination. Regarding the coughing, Weintraub had this to say:

It’s strange if you can be interviewed for 11 hours and not have to clear your voice or rearrange the phlegm in the back of your throat.

Dryness of the throat, dryness of the back of the mouth, dryness of the tongue and the lips is common after prolonged speech.

He also said that, regarding her slow speech early on, it was likely due to her having prepared remarks. If it was medication-induced, she would have spoken slowly through the entire 11 hours, and she didn’t. And as far as the hypothyroidism, that could cause problems after awhile, but even if she’s undergoing treatment, her ability to function well for the entire time was evidence that her thyroid hormone levels are, at least, somewhat close to normal.

Weintraub hasn’t examined Hillary, so he can’t say anything for sure (and if he had, he couldn’t say anything at all without her explicit consent), but he can definitely evaluate what he and Drudge both saw considerably better than Drudge himself can.

Weintraub’s final analysis of Drudge is, “Science and politics sometimes don’t mix well.”

Which brings us back to the question of what Drudge could possibly be getting at. We know there’s some kind of theory going around that Hillary missed one testimony date way back in 2012 because she’d allegedly suffered some kind of stroke, and Drudge could be building on that. Even so, there’s almost no point to this, except to be a conspiracy theorist.

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