Right Wing Heads Explode: Big Name Conservatives Lose Collective Mind Over Obamacare Ruling

Today, the Supreme Court saved Obamacare, interpreting four words out of 900 pages — established by the state — in the spirit of the law, if not the letter.

And the right-wing, who has increasingly defined itself by it’s Quixotic quest to undermine Obamacare, collapsed into a stammering singularity of disbelief and outrage.

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Mike Huckabee: An “Out-of-control act of judicial tyranny”

Huckabee concluded his statement by noting what he’d do differently: “As President, I will protect Medicare, repeal ObamaCare, and pass real reform that will actually lower costs, while focusing on cures and prevention rather than intervention. The status quo is unfair, unaffordable, unsustainable, and completely un-American.”

Does this mean that Huckabee is in favor of a single-payer system — after all, a single-payer system would cut costs.

Not hardly. This is Huckabee saying whatever Huckabee thinks will get him elected.

Rand Paul: Turns “The Rule of Law . . . on its head”

Following Huckabee was Rand Paul, a fellow 2016 Republican presidential candidate. Paul reportedly claimed that the SCOTUS’ decision had turned “both the rule of law and common sense on its head.”

In his statement, he attacked the healthcare program as “the wrong fix” and reportedly said, “Obamacare raises taxes [and] harms patients and doctors.”

Paul’s statement went on to say that:

As President, I would make it my mission to repeal it, and propose real solutions for our healthcare system. As a physician, I know Americans need a healthcare system that reconnects patients, families, and doctors, rather than growing government bureaucracy

Which is a lot of nothing, but to be expected out of the GOP by this time.

Miss. Governor Phil Bryant: Obamacare is a “socialist takeover of health care”

While not a name that’s always on the national stage, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant made nation headlines on Thursday when he railed against the “socialist takeover of health care” that Obamacare supposedly represents.

In a statement, he said, “Make no mistake—Obamacare is not about helping those in need or improving health care delivery. It is about destabilizing our health care system, ceding more control to centralized government and replacing individual liberty with government dependence.”

This criticism of “government dependence” comes from the governor for one of the biggest welfare states in the Union, just to help put that in perspective.

He saved most of his venom for the Supreme Court Justices, however:

It is incredibly troubling to me that a majority of United States Supreme Court justices—including, again, the Chief Justice—have found yet another way to uphold a portion of this disastrous law. Those who voted in the majority have set a dangerous precedent of blatantly disregarding the plain language of a bill as enacted by Congress

He also noted in his statement that he plans on keeping his state one of the worst in terms of quality of life in the United States as well, saying, “Mississippi was right, as were numerous other states, not to willingly entrench Obamacare by establishing a state-based exchange, and I will continue to resist any efforts that attempt to shove Obamacare deeper into this state.”

The RNC: Only the GOP can save us now

The Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, also attacked the SCOTUS, announcing that Thursday’s ruling “makes it clear that if we want to fix our broken healthcare system, then we will need to elect a Republican president with proven ideas and real solutions that will help American families.”

He took the opportunity to seize the ruling and attack Hillary Clinton, accusing her of supporting “big government” and “expanding the government’s reach into our healthcare system” because she supported the ruling. He said in his statement that, “What you will not hear from Democrats today is any information on how to make healthcare more affordable at a time when premiums are getting more expensive.”

You won’t hear that from the Republicans, either. The above three examples are proof of that.

Scattered right-wing whining

The ruling forced many right-wingers to grapple with the truth: The SCOTUS has now twice upheld a law they hate. And many of them are still living in a delusion.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros called Roberts “the water boy for the welfare state” whens she slammed the SCOTUS for its ruling.

Quin Hillyer, of the National Review, slammed Roberts as “a disgrace” and claimed that he “completely jettisoned all pretense of textualism” with the ruling. Hillyer also accused Roberts of having “officially gone native in Washington.”

Also at the National Review, George Will called Roberts’ “doctrine” “dangerous” and “damaging,” while the editorial board accused Roberts of getting “it wrong again.”

What it really boils down too, however, is a collective temper tantrum because they lost. And the world can see it.

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