Right-Wing Hack Attorney Larry Klayman Suing Racist Obama because of Ebola and ISIS (VIDEO)

Right-wing hack attorney Larry Klayman, notorious for his frivolous lawsuits against many in Washington, the media, and even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is trying to invoke his name into political discussions yet again.

While speaking to WorldNetDaily, Klayman discussed a new lawsuit against President Obama for his response to both Ebola and ISIS.

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From RightWingWatch,

Klayman told WND that Obama would never help white countries because he is dead-set on “furthering a type of reverse discrimination against people who are not African” and upholding his “affinity with Africa.”

“This president, in everything he does, wears his race on his sleeve,” Klayman continued. “And he’s furthering acts of terrorism because he’s opening the door to ISIS and other terrorists to infect themselves with Ebola and to come here and to spread it throughout this country.”

To read more on Klayman’s overwrought ramblings, click here.

Watch Klayman on WorldNetDaily below

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnlOglKVMdA?rel=0]

H/T: Right Wing Watch

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