Right-Wing Goes Full Stupid After Orlando Shooter’s Father Spotted Behind Hillary At FL Rally (IMAGES)

On Monday, Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally in Kissimmee, Florida and the right-wing is going absolutely insane over it. However, their outrage has nothing to do with what she said, but instead, it’s all about who showed up at her event. According to Mediaite:

The father of Pulse nightclub killer Omar Mateen was spotted at a Florida Hillary Clinton rally Monday seated prominently behind the candidate. Local NBC affiliate WPTV happened to recognize Seddique Mateen, who received widespread press for his own controversial views on Islam in the wake of his son’s murder spree.

It is unlikely that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had any idea who he was when he was seated behind the candidate, especially since people are not asked for identification when they enter a political rally but that hasn’t stopped the right’s outrage. The comment section under WPTV’s article is awash with stupidity:

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Republicans, as usual, are having a hard time with critical thinking. According to them, Mateen has no right to go to a political rally because his son is a murderer. They also believe that showing up at a Clinton rally means that she supports terrorism. Sounds legit.

Here’s the deal: Omar Mateen was the man who walked into Pulse and massacred forty-nine people, not his father. There is no indication that the senior Mateen knew what his son was planning or that he supported it. In the aftermath of the shooting, he did say some pretty ridiculous stuff and even liberals slammed him for it. However, we cannot strip someone of their right to vote because they are an imbecile; if that were the case we’d have taken away Republicans’ right to vote years ago.

Furthermore, this fake outrage over the Orlando shooting it just that: fake. Right-wingers are upset that Mateen Sr. supports an oppressive government, but they, themselves, hold equally backwards views — like women, the LGBT community, and minorities shouldn’t have the same rights as men. The Pulse massacre was as much a hate crime as it was a terrorist attack and the same people who are pissed off that his dad showed up at a Clinton rally have been spewing the homophobic rhetoric that has been getting homosexuals murdered for years. The GOP and its base didn’t give a fuck about the victims of the Orlando massacre while they were alive, but we are supposed to believe they care about them in death? GTFO.

Featured image via WPTV

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