Right-Wing Conspiracy Nuts Claim Obama Murdered Scalia In His Room With A Pillow (TWEETS)

Well, it really was inevitable. Honestly, I think we all knew it would happen the moment the news broke that Antonin Scalia, conservative Supreme Court Justice appointed by the right-wing’s beloved Ronald Reagan, was found dead in his bed in a Texas hunting lodge.

Sure enough, the right-wing crazies are fabricating a conspiracy of historical (hysterical) proportions that will rank right up there with 9/11 being an inside job, Jade Helm and Sandy Hook’s false flag.

Mere minutes after the announcement of Scalia’s death, the right-wing was reeling over the possibility of Obama fulfilling his presidential duty. There are calls for the appointment to be delayed until after the next election, even though the president has nearly a quarter of his last term left to serve. As if that wasn’t enough, now the fringe has yet another point of outrage for their little minds to stew over.

According to the right-wing conspiracy theorists, it was Obama. . .


In the El Presidente Suite. . .


With a pillow.


No, seriously, Twitter has been all abuzz with right-wing conservatives, many whom are Trump supporters, claiming that Justice Scalia was likely murdered and many are saying it was Obama himself.

The Los Angeles Times reported that John Poindexter, the owner of Cibolo Creek Ranch, who discovered Scalia recalled:

He was in perfect repose in his bed as if he was taking a nap. His face wasn’t contorted or anything. I went over and felt his hand and it was very cold, no pulse. You could see he was not alive.

However, mysanantonio.com reported that he said:

We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled.

And just like that, the unhinged ramblings of the right began.

Of course, Alex Jones, the King of conspiracy theories, couldn’t pass up this one.

So there you have it folks. Obama and the progressives’ plan to convert the United States into the first liberal, Muslim, socialist utopia is nearly complete. They won the game of Clue! They did it guys! They figured it out!

Now, if they really could just get a clue.

Featured image via Elizabeth Preston

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