Right-Wing ‘Christian’ Nut Job: Only Christian Freedom Matters, Democrats Are God-Haters (VIDEO)

During an interview Adam McManus, an organizer of the Freedom 2015 – Religious Rights Conference, McManus admits they are only out for one thing: conservative Christian superiority.

Despite the interviewer trying, desperately, to twist McManus’ words to indicate that they were seeking freedom for all, and intimating that the so-called “Christian’s Rights” groups would fight equally for all people’s rights, one sentence at the end of the interview proved beyond a doubt that the only thing they were interested in was a return to Christian superiority.

McManus Said:

If gays want to get married, we don’t condone it and they have to leave us alone.

Not only did the interview prove that Conservative Christians are not trying to support freedom for anyone but themselves, it also drove home the point that they are suffering from some pretty severe delusions other than believing a zombie is going to “rapture” them and kill all the people they don’t like.

One of those delusions is that radical fundamentalist Christians are any less dangerous to the American way of life than foreign terrorists.

When asked if they should defend the rights for all, McManus first invokes Hitler and then, in a classic example of transference, says:

The left: the God-haters, the homosexual activists, the Democrats — whatever label you might want to put on it — they talk about ‘inclusion.’ They talk about, uh, diversity, and yet they’re not inclusive, of really anyone other than themselves. Christians are the ones that celebrate all of our rights to Believe in God or… disbelieve in God. But we [Christians] should have the right to act in such a way in the workplace that reflects our convictions.

Mental disease, maybe?

If you don’t see the hypocrisy, change the word “Christian” to “Muslim,” or “homosexual.” If you know anyone laboring under the delusion that Christians are promoting equality — share this now — they need to see it. No one is trying to take Christians’ rights, we are trying to promote everyone’s rights, and like white supremacists, they just can’t stand the idea that they are losing a tiny bit of their “privilege” in the process.

Here is the entire interview with McManus, courtesy of Youtube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=296bURaW6xI&w=854&h=480]

Feature image via video screen capture 

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