Ridiculous NRA Ad Tells Women Hillary Will Get Them Murdered (VIDEO)

Oh FFS! The NRA and the GOP have gone to bed yet again and produced this monstrosity of an ad aimed to scare people into voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Republicans thrive on instilling fear, especially when it comes to the 2nd amendment. But this latest ad results in a woman’s death because – Hillary.

Republicans continue to spread this ludicrous idea that Democrats are coming for your guns. Why? Because with all the mass shooting and the amount of gun violence we are seeing, they recognize a weak spot and they are trying to capitalize on it. Not only has this strategy blinded people from the truth, but it has people stockpiling firearms, thus increasing sales and lining the pockets of gun manufacturers and the NRA. It’s a disgustingly perfect relationship.

The ad states:

She’ll call 911. Average response time — 11 minutes. Too late. She keeps a firearm in this safe for protection, but Hillary Clinton could take away her right to self-defense. And with Supreme Court justices, Hillary can [the safe with the gun disappears]. Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.

Give me a break! This ad is right wing fearmongering at its finest. Hillary Clinton is not coming to take your guns, but sadly many uneducated souls don’t realize that common sense gun control measures does not equal banning all guns. Besides, statistics show that people are in greater danger with a gun in their home. But hey, conservatives give zero f*cks about facts.

Watch ridiculous ad below:

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