Rick Wiles: WWIII Is Coming And Only President Trump Can Save Us By Being Buddies With Putin (VIDEO)

Rick Wiles knows that World War III is coming and he appeared on Jim Bakker’s weekly sales pitch talk show to warn us. As usual, the purpose of anything on The Jim Bakker Show is to drive up demand for Bakker’s survivalist gear. Not content with being a grifter for the first half of his life, Bakker has decided to just go for it and milk people for their money to the end. Gotta admire his commitment, I guess.

Bakker loves to have Rick Wiles on the show because Wiles isn’t afraid to make visions of the apocalypse dance in the viewers’ heads. Wiles love to be hyperbolic with his predictions. Bakker is happy to set him up for it, too. Maybe Wiles is getting a percentage of sales.

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On this week’s show, Bakker set Wiles up with the following fact-like phrase and obvious questions:

There’s a lot of military exercises taking place around the world. What do you think this means? Are we gearing up for a major war? Just say yes or no.

Good lord, that’s like telling Dick Cheney that there’s a “bad guy” in Gitmo and what does he think should be done with him? Talk about your softball questions. Not even softball. Meatball, maybe. In any case, Wiles was ready to swat at it:

Yes. Called NATO versus Russia. NATO has now put a military… fleet in the Black Sea… look at a geographical map of the Black Sea. When you see it, you understand the significance of it because it would be like Russia putting a naval fleet in the Great Lakes.

Well, no. Because Russia has no border with the Great Lakes. But it does with the Black Sea. So let’s do what Wiles suggests and look at a map of the Black Sea:

black sea map

Map of the Black Sea

Oh, look at that! There are five countries besides Russia that have a border on the Black Sea (sorry Moldova… so close). Of those, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania are NATO members.  Meaning that putting NATO forces near them is much the same as putting Canadian ships in the Great Lakes.

Wiles has a theory about why this is happening (don’t get ahead of me, now) and how it would play out:

We’re pushing Russia to throw a punch, and the reason is the Western financial system is collapsing and the only way out of this thing is to start a world war and whoever survives the war is ruling the world.

The Western financial system is collapsing? Capitalism? You mean like Russia now has? Sure, our financial system is having its woes right now, but so is Russia’s. And not just them; lots of countries have financial systems that are straining. So we’re all going to strain them even more by committing to a war so we can see who will rule the world? With that line of “logic,” all the smaller countries need to do is sit it out and let the big ones destroy each other. Iceland, FTW!

But, hang on! Maybe things won’t have to go this way if Donald Trump is elected President. If we had such a creature (and I do mean “creature”), Wiles posits, he would…

… probably go to Moscow and say, ‘Hey, let’s just unite and go clobber the Muslims.’

What a lovely thought. A 21st century Crusade, with the U.S. and Russia at its head, waving flags and crosses. I can hear the squeals of delight from the nut jobs on the right. They would love that.

But we sensible people, with our logic and reason and stuff. Darn us, anyway. We will see to it that Donald Trump never sees the inside of the White House. But, you know, maybe that would be a blessing in disguise for The Donald. He can head on over to Russia and continue his bromance with Putin. Maybe Rick Wiles can join them. Ew. I did not need to have that visual.

Here’s the video (if you can stomach it) courtesy of Right Wing Watch

Featured Image via Screen Capture

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