Rick Scott Shuts Down Interview After Passerby Heckles The Ever Living Hell Out Of Him (VIDEO)

With so much focus on Donald Trump and all the crazy and offensive crap he says on a daily basis, we sometimes forget about all the other odious and offensive Republicans we used to love to mock. Take Florida Governor Rick Scott, for example.

Concerns over the Zika virus, a disease spread by the bite of an Anedes species mosquito, has increased after reports confirmed the virus is now in Florida and spreading. This has many Florida residents on edge. They are also livid at Gov. Scott after, in the zeal of “cutting government spending,” he completely slashed mosquito control budgets statewide.

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(Gov. Scott would eventually do what every self-respecting do-nothing killer of government services does and blame Obama when their anti-government austerity blows up in their face. Worse yet, Scott’s wife owned undisclosed stock in a mosquito control company that made out on Scott’s foot dragging.)

Well, the residents of Florida are sick and tired of living under the threat of blood-sucking insects in government.

Governor Scott decided to pay an impromptu visit to Wynwood, one of the areas in Florida most affected by Zika, and he wasn’t exactly greeted as a liberator. In fact, one passerby angrily let Scott know his feelings about the situation while TV reporters circled him outside a local bakery.

“Motherf*cker!” a man in a red car screamed. “You scumbag! Fuck you!” As he sped off, the man could be seen giving Scott a middle finger.

Hilariously, Scott’s staff seemed to recognize that this was a PR nightmare. After the first f-bomb, his handler abruptly shut down the interview with reporters and said they had to be somewhere else.

Watch the incident below:

[vimeo 181154804 w=640 h=360]

Featured image via screen capture

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