Rick Perry: Trump Can’t Actually Build A Wall, But He’ll Create An Imaginary One That’s Just As Good

In an interview with Snapchat, former Texas governor Rick Perry broke the news to Trump’s delusional fans: That massive wall on the southern border that Trump’s based his entire campaign on building? It’s not happening.

It’s truly saying something when former Texas Governor Rick Perry – Mr. Oops – has to point out to Republican voters that Trump’s wall is a pipedream. He’s never been mistaken for a smart man, but even he can see that a 1,200 mile, 30-foot high wall of concrete would be a delusional money pit. (And for what it’s worth, Mexico’s president already told America explicitly that he’s not going to pay for it. Obviously.)

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Perry tried to bring up the wall without Snapchat’s Peter Hamby noticing it was insane.

I’m for Donald Trump, and he says we’re going to build a wall, the Mexicans are gonna pay for it,” Perry, who endorsed Trump in May, told Hamby.

“It’s not going to happen,” Hamby fired back.

“Well, it’s not,” Perry responded.

So how does Perry feel about his candidate’s entire campaign being built upon a 30-foot, 1,200 mile lie? Perry explained that while Trump’s actual wall is a fantasy, his wall is, like, a metaphor, man. The future of walls is in cyberspace.

It’s a wall, but it’s a technological wall, it’s a digital wall.

To be clear, that’s an outright lie. Trump has always made it clear that he means a literal wall. One made out of concrete and built up to the sky. His supporters also firmly believe that Trump’s wall will be a massive physical object. They do not believe Trump meant he’d install a stronger adblocker on the border. They want a wall, one that will keep out Hispanics not spam emails.

As we’ve seen with other Republicans, the painful struggle to both endorse Donald Trump and justify his unrelenting amount of stupidity is a full-time job. There are only so many excuses a person can make for a presidential candidate who has demonstrated, repeatedly, that he is clueless about the Constitution, openly bigoted, petty and narcissistic. Tying the future of your political party to that means a lot of sleepless nights dreaming up ways to pretzel your way from saying “Trump wants to build a multibillion-dollar concrete wall” to “What if the wall was, like, digital?”

Or they could simply stop being cowards and admit Donald Trump is a terrible candidate with terrible ideas. I’ll wait.

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