Rick Perry Announces His Presidential Candidacy; Twitter Does Not Disappoint (SCREENSHOTS/VIDEO)

Today Rick Perry announced that he is running for President. Again. Because he didn’t humiliate himself enough last time. And because we all need a good laugh. With Rick Perry, the jokes write themselves.

He made his announcement on Twitter at 12:27pm PDT.

Rick Perry Announces On Twitter


Twitter immediately responded by letting Governor Perry know EXACTLY what they think of him:

Rick Perry Twitter Feed 1Rick Perry Twitter Feed 2Rick Perry Twitter Feed 3Rick Perry Twitter Feed 4

These responses are not unlike what Mike Huckabee experienced on Facebook and Twitter. Makes one wonder if they have constituents that use the internet. Gawker did a piece on this, and the comments there are pretty fun too.

During his announcement speech he says–with a very sweaty upper lip–that “We don’t have to settle for crumbling bureacracy that target tax payers and harm our veterans.” Yet, under his watch over 40,000 veterans in Texas were ineligible for medical benefits because Rick Perry rejected Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

He followed that up with, “We don’t have to resign ourselves to debt, decay and slow growth. We have the power to make things new again.” Yet, according to the Wall Street Journal Texas saw a loss of over 25,000 jobs in March 2015. They report:

The changing economic picture is just one challenge Mr. Perry faces as he attempts to rebound from his unsuccessful first presidential bid nearly four years ago. He continues to face a felony indictment related to a veto he issued as governor. He has denied wrongdoing and filed a motion to dismiss the indictment, which is pending before an appellate court in Austin.

WATCH his speech here:

Featured image from a screen capture at RickPerry.org

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