Retired Colonel Hilariously Uses Princess Bride Joke To Shoot Down Neocons On War With Iran (VIDEO)

No other President in history has faced such a relentless barrage of blind attacks and vitriol from the opposition quite like President Obama. Call it Obama Derangement Syndrome or Baracknaphobia, but the fact of the matter is that President Obama has taken their crap from day one. Regarding the nuclear deal with Iran, a fusillade of predictable Republican rabble-rousing emanated from every corridor of Obama Derangement Syndrome centers.

But while the chickensh*t hawks in the GOP want your kids to fight to make democracy safer for their defense portfolios, those who have fought and managed war are all siding with President Obama’s deal with Iran. 

In addition to the 36 generals who endorsed Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, one very decorated (not to mention hilarious) and knowledgeable colonel is backing the deal as well.  Colin Powell’s former chief of staff and retired army general, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher last friday to lend his expertise on the middle east. Bill opened his panel up by lambasting the GOP opposition to the Iran deal, calling the deal a “no brainer.” Col. Wilkerson chimed in and said that the blind opposition to Obama’s Iran deal is “bizarre.” But where he really showed his vast knowledge of foreign affairs, particularly America’s long love affair of meddling with the domestic politics of Iran (IE, the U.S.-backed overthrow of democratically elected Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953) , is where the colonel really stole the show.

Watch the Colonel in action below:


One, you have to instantly love anyone who makes a freaking Princess Bride reference. Two, one can’t help but value the opinion of a man who actually served in combat and understands the devastation of war. You know, as opposed to a bunch of pusillanimous defense skanks  who want to make democracy safer for their defense portfolios.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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