Republicans Won’t Like Bill Clinton When He’s Angry, And He’s Angry

The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has a weapon in its back pocket that so far, it hasn’t been using. That weapon is the most popular politician in the country – her husband and former President, Bill Clinton.

It’s smart that Hillary is keeping Bill on the sidelines, at least for the moment. He will be a great campaign asset for her, but if he comes out too soon and too strongly, the Bill effect could wear off.

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Bill is entering the game sooner than anticipated, for one very good reason – he’s pissed.

The Clintons are no strangers to manufactured scandals. They date back to when Bill was the Governor of Arkansas. More recently, it’s been Hillary under the GOP and media microscope. First there was the nothing-there Benghazi and now it’s the fact that she sent and deleted some emails from a private server when she was Secretary of State. She was cleared of all wrongdoing, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans (and yes, the “liberal” media) from dragging it on and on.

From the beginning of the hubbub, Bill was quite adamant that she had nothing to apologize for because she did nothing wrong. Former Secretaries of State used private servers for their emails.

Regardless of her innocence, the email controversy has taken its toll on the Clinton campaign. The negative reporting (it’s pretty much all negative) has caused her poll numbers to go down as Bernie Sanders’ numbers are surging.

Initially, Bill will still be playing in the outfield (to continue the analogy). He’ll be fundraising.

His return comes as Hillary Clinton’s campaign attempts to turn the page after a summer that showed new vulnerabilities for a candidate whose victory in the Democratic primaries was once thought to be a foregone conclusion. For months, Clinton’s campaign has been dogged by her controversial decision to use a personal email server during her tenure as US secretary of state. She has also ceded ground to fellow Democratic contender Bernie Sanders, who has made gains on the frontrunner in New Hampshire and Iowa, while contending with the improbable candidacy of Donald Trump on the Republican side.

Source: The Guardian

Undoubtedly, he will start doing public appearances soon too and when Bill does public appearances, especially when he’s fired up, he tends to bring people over to his side. It worked for Obama in 2012.

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