Republicans Shamelessly Trade Confederate Flags And Anti-Abortion Measures For Zika Virus Funding (VIDEO)

Last week House Republicans jammed through a $1.1 billion trojan horse bill disguised as Zika virus funding. The vote came in the middle of the House Democrats’ sit-in protest over 2 failed gun reform measures.

The tainted bill was passed in the house by a 239-171 party line vote.

The Democrats opposed language in the final bill that would adversely affect Planned Parenthood clinics that provide women’s health services like abortion. The bill also contained language which would remove the ban on confederate flags in national  cemeteries.

On Tuesday, senate Democrats blocked the bill, citing the unnecessary provisions Republicans snuck into the legislation.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are already preparing their talking points to blame Democrats should the Zika virus become a full-blown health crisis.

It’s clear that Republicans are gambling the health and lives of millions of Americans to sneak in unnecessary amendments aimed at appeasing their constituency or scoring political points after the bill fails. It’s this type of political manipulation and dishonesty that continues to push people away from politics, which also fits into the Republican agenda.

Republicans couldn’t care less if they are unpopular, so long as voter turnout remains low enough for them to win elections.

And while many people cite the rise of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as the cause of the GOP’s political implosion, it was cynical tactics like the ones used by Republican lawmakers that helped create the conditions for Trump’s success.

Hopefully, the Zika virus won’t cost too many more lives, however, the blood from those deaths will not be on the Democratic party’s hands.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images and YouTube

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