Republicans–Oops–ISIS Shuts Down Women’s Clinics And Threatens To Kill Doctors

ISIS, apparently trying to one-up American Republicans, has put their own brutal spin on the War on Women; they closed all the women’s clinics in Syria and they have threatened to kill male doctors.

A culture of rape, forced marriages for child brides, the persecution of doctors and the exclusive use of medicines for militants have resulted in a crisis for women’s health under Isis’s brutal regime.

According to activists, Isis has drastically restricted the work of male gynecologists in accordance with its leaders’ belief that men and women should be kept apart at all costs.

Source: Independent

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Their problem is that it’s sinful, in their opinions, for men to see naked women who aren’t their wives.

While it’s admittedly mostly not fair to compare ISIS’ habit of killing their enemies to Republicans, who generally work within the boundaries of the law to eliminate women’s rights, it’s absolutely fair to say that they have the same agenda, at least when it comes to women’s healthcare. It’s also fair to say that while Republicans might not be out and out murdering people, their war on women could even be deadlier than ISIS.

Before the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a constitutional right, as many as 5,000 women died each and every year as a result of illegal abortions. Even though abortions were illegal, it’s estimated that as many as 1.2 million women went through the procedure.

Republicans are going after abortions in every way they know how, with the current battle being against the nation’s largest women’s health clinic, Planned Parenthood. No, they aren’t generally killing or even threatening male gynecologists, but if Planned Parenthood were to close their doors, millions of women could be without healthcare options altogether, and then Republicans would have blood on their hands.

I am in no way defending ISIS. They are murderous thugs, but when religious extremism rules a country – and that’s any religion and any country – people will die and with most religions, it’s women who lose their rights, and often their lives, first.

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