Republicans in 3 States Don’t Care About Women — End Health Care At Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

In a move certain to limit, if not eliminate, healthcare choices for women, the States of Louisiana, New Hampshire and Alabama chose to cut state funding to Planned Parenthood. All 3 actions were in response to doctored and illegally obtained videos claiming to show the organization selling fetal tissue for profit.

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals announced it was terminating its Medicaid provider agreement with the organization. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, which runs 2 clinics in the state, says that 46% of its funding is derived from government contracts to provide health care to low income and income eligible women. In addition, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal pulled out the torches and pitchforks and directed the DHH to investigate the Planned Parenthood clinics, soliciting assistance from the state inspector general and the FBI in these investigations.

Alabama’s Republican Governor Robert Bentley terminated his state’s Medicaid contract with the organization, stating that:

As a doctor, and Alabama’s governor, the issue of human life, from conception to birth and beyond, is extremely important to me.

Evidently his concern for human life doesn’t extend to those who lack a Y chromosome.

To complete the defunding trifecta, the New Hampshire Executive Council voted 3-2 to cancel that state’s contracts with Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood will no longer be receiving $639,000 in state funding, which comprises approximately one-third of its annual funding. However, the Executive Council did approve funding for two other clinics in the state which provide abortions.

As stated in previous reports, Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide provide much-needed healthcare for women that DO NOT involve abortions. Where will women in these areas go to receive the treatment they so desperately need? How much longer are women going to stand by and let THEIR government dictate what happens to their bodies?

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