An Anti-Hillary Campaign On Twitter Gets Taken Over With Classic Sarcasm (IMAGES)

When Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign on April 12, many Republicans were ready to respond through social media. They weren’t ready for sarcastic participation from non-Republicans, though, who quickly took over the #WhyImNotVotingForHillary hashtag game on Twitter. And these dark-humored responses outweighed tweets from conservative participants so much that the top entry in this hashtag category, leading it in both retweets and favorites, comes from a progressive crasher.

The progressive responses to this still-ongoing game aren’t necessarily in support of Clinton’s presidential bid, either. They’re simply anti-GOP, and are based on the fact that the Republicans’ contributions to the theme’s intended goal are only on subjects of “Benghazi” and “Lewinsky” and other nut-jobbiness.

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Here are some of the sarcastic standouts from #WhyImNotVotingForHillary:

Because Republicans Stand For ‘Eductation’ And Other ‘Merican Ideals

It’s pretty easy to make fun of the hypocrisy present in the GOP.

hillary basic 1 hillary basic 2

‘Merica And Jeebus Unite!

Taking on the GOP’s pseudo-religious stances was easy pickings for some participants.

hillary religion

Let Me Be Direct.

To hell with humor; others pulled no punches in attacking the GOP head-on.

hillary mad 2 hillary mad

Some Of My Best Friends Have Boobs.

Many of the anti-Hillary participants were quick to offer “it’s not because she’s a woman” disclaimers, but which only opened the floodgates for sarcastic replies.

hillary womeb1 hillary women 2

It’s My Ball And I’m Going Home!

When the progressive takeover of the hashtag game became quickly apparent, some Republican participants complained it was Twitter’s fault. (Like, to hell with the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech, right?)

hillary second to last


Oh, the sharpness of that rightwing elbow that jabbed many on Twitter in this hashtag series! It can wind up having an opposite effect than intended!

hillary voter

The Counter-Tweet That Means Defeat

Standing out most in signs of defeat of the hashtag campaign was this counter-tweet – a sarcastic message that quickly took top-spot in both retweets (3,614 to date) and in “favorites” (5,454) for all entries in this hashtag category.

hillary last


Image: Photo by Frank Plitt via Wikimedia



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