Republicans Hate Obama So Much They Even Oppose The Way He Pardoned The Thanksgiving Turkey

Of course by now everyone knows that the past almost seven years have been one long GOP hate-fest on President Obama. It has been said that if he should come out in favor of air, Republicans would hold their breath until they turn blue. That sounds like hyperbole; at least it did until Monday.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) released the results of a new poll on November 23 that found that Republicans oppose the way President Obama carried out the traditional pardoning of a Thanksgiving turkey last year. I wish I could tell you I just made that up.

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Every year since 1947, the chairman of the National Turkey Federation has presented the president with a bird. Before President Obama, the main controversy over the turkey pardon was which president started the tradition. The White House Historical Association says that some claim Abraham Lincoln was the originator while others say it was Harry Truman. According to them, the Washington Post used the term “pardon” when President Kennedy said of the turkey presented to him, “Let’s keep him going.” But the practice only became a formal ritual under President George H.W. Bush.

Apparently the issue with President Obama is not over his continuation of the tradition, but with the way he carried out the pardon in 2014, by pardoning two turkeys instead of the traditional one. Pollsters asked the following question:

Do you approve or disapprove of President Obama’s executive action last year to pardon two turkeys instead of the customary one turkey at Thanksgiving?

Among all respondents, the answers broke down this way:

  • Approve — 35 percent
  • Disapprove — 22 percent
  • Not Sure — 43 percent

But among those who told the pollster that they voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, most of whom are assumed to be Republicans, here’s how the vote came down:

  • Approve — 13 percent
  • Disapprove — 39 percent
  • Not Sure — 48 percent

As the sideshow barker says, “But wait, there’s more!”

When broken down by the ideology of the respondent, conservatives prove that many of them really do suffer from “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” and that they will be against anything he does. Among those who self-identified as “very conservative,” only 11 percent said they were ok with the pardoning of two turkeys. Nearly half — 42 percent — said that they opposed the president’s action.

It is truly pathetic what the Republican party has become.

Featured image via White House/Pete Souza

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