The Republican Party’s Gun Logic Fallacy And How It Supports Terrorism

During a rare prime time address to the nation, Sunday night, President Obama asked Americans:

What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon?

Now while this may seem like a perfectly reasonable question to most of us, to a very dangerous faction of rabid gun absolutists, the very mention of curbing gun rights for ANY American citizen –whether they be a criminal, a terrorist or a violent psychotic — is a direct assault on their Second Amendment rights.

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On Friday, one day after the worst mass shooting this country has seen since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre,  the Senate voted 54 to 46 AGAINST a law that would prevent people on the FBI Suspected Terrorist Watchlist from legally purchasing high caliber weapons. Now while this may seem bewildering to most of us, to a small sect of delusional gun extremists, this ruling makes perfect sense and is actually considered to be a righteous blow against the forces of tyranny who seek to take away their gun rights.

And here lies the disconnect.

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The argument for not passing a law that would prevent those on a terror watchlist from purchasing assault weapons is simple, and it only exists in the radicalized mind of the gun extremist: It’s not “fair” to the one or two percent of people who may be on that list by mistake, to even temporarily lose their access to a gun, even if it means the other 98 percent of suspected terrorists who are a very real and a very legitimate threat to America, will gain access to semi-automatic weapons to commit acts of domestic terror.

Now imagine if we tried to apply this type of (gun) logic to ANY other situation in life.

For example, imagine if an elementary school said,” Sure we hire register sex offenders. It would be unfair to the one or two percent of people who got put on that list by mistake, to exclude all sex offenders from employment.”

I think the public’s reaction would be quite different.

There is an old adage that only a child thinks in absolutes, well,  clearly the GOP think like children.  I believe it’s time for the adults in the room to take control of the conversation and expose these extremists for what they really are: scared children trying to desperately control the world they feel has been taken from them by an imaginary enemy, whose name is “Progress.”

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