WATCH: Republicans Get Completely Lampooned By Colbert Over Their Congressional Clown Show (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert had a lot of fun at the expense of Republicans, as he lambasted their utter ridiculousness on the Late Show. Going through some choice clips he touched on Kevin McCarthy’s inability to speak, calling it a “bird like language.”

Then,  he had a simply fantastic clip of cone-headed tough guy Trey Gowdy saying the first truly honest thing ever, when he excitedly shouted “NO!” when asked if he wanted to be Speaker of the House.

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The Speaker of the House is normally something not talked much about on major network late night talk shows. To see Colbert devote an entire segment to it shows just how “carnival side-show” the Republican Party has become.

Colbert continued to get on them saying it was like “House of Cards” in reverse, since every Republican was making back room deals in order to not be in power.

Watch the hilarious segment from The Late Show below:

Featured image via  Youtube screencap

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