Republicans Forced To Buy An Image Of Diversity, Can’t Find 3 Non-Whites For A Picture

This is hilarious, and very, very sad. A Facebook page called “Republicans Overseas” is a gathering place for GOPers living and working abroad. Their cover photo, a white woman and three people who Republicans like to pretend might belong to their party in front of an American flag, is a stock photo available for sale on Shutterstock.

Here’s the cover photo, ever so patriotic, embodying everything a that makes America great, and nothing about the Republican Party:

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And the image available for sale on Shutterstock:


Yup.  Hilarious…and sad.

This little bit of information was brought to light by the Liberal Troll page “Mitt Romney: Silicon-Based Lifeform.” The page has been taking the fight to right-wingers since before the 2012 general election.

The owner of the page, who chooses to remain anonymous, told If You Only News:

Republicans Overseas is the replacement for Republicans Abroad — it’s a fundraising arm that holds events in cities around the world to get donor money for GOP candidates from wealthy expats, usually in the banking industry. The GOP gives them lots of politician speakers, etc. for their events, and nearly all their leaders hold positions of some kind with the campaigns.

So, the RNC does not treat them as a ‘party organization’ sufficient to let them have seats or delegates at the Convention, but they are the GOP-recognized ‘club’ for GOP donors living abroad.

In contrast, Democrats Abroad is treated like a US state party. It has seats on the Democratic National Committee and delegates at the Convention.

The meme that comes with this story is absolutely perfect, and ripe for sharing:

The link to share can be found HERE.

Liberal Trolls, (capitalized out of respect for the profession), are a great source of information, facts and fun. This particular page is chock-full of teabagger butthurt.

Check out their page and give them a like. Your newsfeed will most definitely thank you.

Featured image: Screen capture from Shutterstock

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